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Attitudes towards cannabis in the modern world

However, stubborn hemp sprouts penetrate into the light through all prohibitions, and since 1985, the use of synthetic THC - dronabinol (under the trade name "Marinol") for medical purposes has been allowed in the United States. A little later, the same thing happened in Canada. As for the countries of Western Europe, currently undergoing research on the aaaa weed Canada effects of substances contained in hemp. In particular, three Berlin clinics are undergoing research in which AIDS patients are offered synthetic THC, hemp extract or placebo for pain relief.Attitudes towards cannabis in the modern world

It seems that even in conservative Europe, the ice has moved too: The German Federal Constitutional Court has ruled that patients at the Federal Institute for Medicine and Parapharmacy in Berlin have the right to apply for medication containing THC. However, officials took this decision too literally: you can ask, but never get a positive answer to your request! In any case, all applications have been rejected to date.

However, similar medicines are already available in neighboring Switzerland, so it is not worth crossing the border to look for the right medicine if necessary. In Russia today, the issue of using THC-containing drugs is not relevant, in any case, there are no discussions on this topic. In addition, the folk tradition to treat most diseases with hot drinks is unlikely to allow in the near future to introduce the experience known from ancient times on our harsh soil.
Attitudes towards cannabis in the modern world
The ability of the active ingredient of cannabis to suppress nausea and stimulate the appetite of people with AIDS and malignant tumours has been best studied.

Paracelsus 500 years ago knew that the distance between the poison and the cure is measured in dosage only. There is no point in telling what the human liver thinks about the difference between a glass and a bottle of wine. However, how easy it is to cause outrage in medical and near-medical circles, saying that the same is true of the famous cannabis (Indian hemp sowing, Cannabis sativa), which is used to make no less famous marijuana, we have better known as anasha or "weed".
Meanwhile, in this case it is exactly the same: low doses of this plant material can be an excellent cure. The use of cannabis for medicinal purposes has its roots in the medical traditions of ancient China, India and Egypt, says the chairman of the Cannabis - in Medicine Society, Cologne doctor Franjo Grotenhermen. By the way, the 
Attitudes towards cannabis in the modern world
above-mentioned society is a u
nion of German-speaking doctors, pharmacologists and, most importantly, patients who are in favor of allowing the use of cannabis https://cfdfc.org/product-category/aaaa/for medical purposes. Their statements are based on the desire to help many patients who suffer fro https://www.leafly.ca/finder
m the side effects of traditional medicines.