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Hemp honey edibles canada firechews

edibles canada firechewsThe question of whether hemp honey exists is of concern to many cannabis connoisseurs. Until recently, it was thought that bees could not harvest nectar from flourishing cannabis because hemp was a wind-pollinated plant. But such honey still exists, and it appeared thanks to the unusual experiments of a passionate fan of cannabis and beekeeper Nicholas Traynerbis.

There are other variants of hemp honey, such as butane honey oil, traditional Dagestani urbec or the simplest variant - useful honey mixed with cannabis seeds. But - about everything in order.

In, a passionate French resident introduced an original product to the world, which he called "cannamade". The color of honey made of hemp is greenish, although you can get and classic for honey yellowish shades and even creamy white. The taste of the product is sweet, floral and herbal, with the aroma of freshly cut cannabis.

According to the beekeeper himself, the THC content of 10 grams of cannabis is 30 mg, and in order to feel the psychoactive effect of cannabis, you need to eat 2-3 teaspoons of this unique product. No laboratory studies have been conducted on this miracle honey, so the public had to take the experimenter's word for it.

It is very likely that the properties of such hemp honey can make it in demand for the treatment of many diseases. However, there are no official data on this issue yet.
edibles canada firechewsImmediately after Nicholas presented Wonder Honey, there were many comments and discussions - no one believed that bees could somehow be forced to collect nectar from plants that are not honey.

But Nicholas is an experienced beekeeper: he has been breeding bees for 20 years. About the same amount of man's interest in hemp cultivation. According to the "bee trainer", the ideas about hemp honey have been coming to his mind for a long time, and now he has finally managed to do the impossible.

Today, the general public knows nothing about the continuation of Nicholas' experiments, because the hemp grower is forced to hide his activities because of the French laws prohibiting the cultivation of cannabis.

How exactly do you get the "wrong" honey?
Cannabis honey is a hemp field honey made from a resin that is emitted by cannabis trichomes in flowering. From edibles canada the same resin that covers the buds and leaves of plants at the beginning of harvest. Nicholas managed to train bees to collect this resin and use it to make propolis, a special adhesive for building honeycombs and disinfecting them. Propolis is a natural antiseptic that prevents the firechews growth of bacteria and fungal infections.

Bees have learned to make propolis from cannabis resin and actively used the product for its intended purpose. As a result, the resin with THC penetrated the honeycomb and accumulated in cells intended for nectar.

It must be said that psychoactive cannabinoid does not produce any effect on bees, because insects have no endocannabinoid system. For them, hemp resin is nothing more than a common raw material.

French innovator-beekeeper cannamade is not the only honey with psychoactive effect. For example, in Turkey bees collect nectar from rhododendron bushes. The honey they make from this nectar has a strong hallucinogenic effect.