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Why is marijuana called a plan

Hemp, or cannabis, is one of the most common plants on Earth, growing on most continents. Made from its leaves and inflorescences, cannabis was actively used many hundreds of years ago and continues to be used by various peoples. Besides all known psychoactive effect, since antiquity its nutritious and curative properties are known. Therefore it is not surprising that nowadays there are many names of marijuana which have arisen as a result of associations, language simplifications, a binding to geographical places.Why is marijuana called a plan

Origin of the main name
We don't know exactly where the word "marijuana" came from. The idea that it originates from the merger of two Spanish names, "Maria" and "Juan", finds no documentary evidence. The fact is that when writing an earlier version of the name in Spanish, the letter "h" is used instead of "j", which does not coincide with the spelling of the name "Juan".

The first record about the plant "mariguan", which grew on the banks of the Rio Grande River, is dated 1894 and belongs to ethnographer J. G. Burke. In the USA and, accordingly, English, it came from workers from Mexico who used the plant for recreational purposes. The English dictionaries describe the origin of the word "marijuana" as Indian. But it is known that hemp was brought to the New World from Asia, so the most reliable theory is that the name came from the Chinese and Semitic languages (Southeast Asia and the Middle East) with the same root word "marjoram".Why is marijuana called a plan
international scientific term
The term "cannabis" is used in popular scientific and research literature and in reports at international conferences to describe cannabis. It is a generic concept that unites several plant varieties with psychoactive properties - Cannabis sativa, Cannabis Indica, Cannabis Ruderalis (hemp sown, Indian and weed). Marijuana is also known as cannabis, or cannabis product. The plant's psychoactive components are https://tokohemp.com cannabinoids, the most potent of which is tetrahydrocannabinol THC.