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A legendary landrace strain from Thailand, Chocolate Thai first made an appearance in the U.S. sometime in the 1960s as “Thai sticks,” spindly flowers tied to a bamboo stick that were renowned for their potent high. Old school heads remember these buds as slender and airy, medium-to-dark brown in color, and possessing a unique chocolate-coffee aroma. Due to the fact that it was a long-flowering, low-yielding sativa strain that always produced male flowers and seeds and was incredibly difficult to clone and grow, it is most likely that Chocolate Thai no longer exists in its original form. There are several seed lines sold under the name, but these have either been crossbred to provide some stabilizing traits or are of unknown provenance.

A rare strain that dates back to the ’70s and ’80s, Chocolate Thai was discovered in Thailand and reportedly popularized by the breeder Dutch Flowers. While it was popular in the days when cannabis was entering the U.S. and international markets from Thailand, Chocolate Thai has lost some of its luster due to its low THC content, reportedly ranging between 12% and 16%.

As its name would suggest, Chocolate Thai is said to have a chocolatey flavor profile, while the small, dense buds tend to take on a dark, coffeelike appearance. One sample of Chocolate Thai, analyzed by the cannabis testing lab Analytical 360, had THC levels exceeding 15% and a terpene profile dominated by humulene and caryophyllene.

SnowHigh Seeds has a strain called Chocolate Thai BX, which is a backcross of two Chocolate Thai phenotypes and a Big Sur Holy Weed male. Breeder DNA Genetics also used a Chocolate Thai phenotype to produce its popular Chocolope strain.

About Chocolate Thai

Chocolate Thai is a famous landrace strain of cannabis that has been around for almost 60 years now. For those unfamiliar with landrace strains, they’re essentially the “purebred” equivalents of cannabis strains that have remained unaltered and unenhanced over the years. This strain was originally grown in Thailand and was incredibly popular in the United States throughout the 60s, 70s, and much of the 80s.

As the name suggests, Chocolate Thai nugs are dark in color, often appearing like large chocolate chips. During the 60s, 70s, and 80s, Chocolate Thai was sold in the form of “Thai Sticks” which were essentially buds of Chocolate Thai, tied to the stem of the plant with hemp wick. If you know an old stoner that bought weed during these decades, ask them if they had ever come across any Thai Sticks, it’s likely they’re very familiar with them. This early form of promotional packaging was necessary because the thin, lanky Sativa buds often fell apart in transit, turning into shake and bunk weed.

These days, Chocolate Thai is making the equivalent of a reunion tour. The strain is alive and well nearly 60 years later thanks to a few special growers such as Drawoh dedicated to preserving this ancient landrace strain. This fact cannot be understated enough, as most growers have trouble keeping the plant alive and flowering these days. Although it is no longer the dark brown brick weed tied to stems anymore, it still retains its chocolatey scent despite losing its popular brown color. Although the bud isn’t incredibly pungent out of the packaging, when broken or ground up the chocolate, coffee, earthy, spicy scents are aerated and become very strong. Expect modern Chocolate Thai buds to be dark green in color, with hairy pistils and a thin coating of trichomes.

chocolate thai

At an average THC level of just 12%, Chocolate Thai is one of the strains many experienced smokers recommend to new and amateur patients. This isn’t to say the potency is low, on the contrary, most reviews of the strain list its strong potency despite its THC levels to be one of its defining elements. Don’t expect the taste of the hits to be drastically different from the smell, as the only thing burning does to this bud is accent its spiciness and its citrus aftertaste. Many medical patients report using this strain because its high leaves you feeling upbeat, energetic, and creative, without being “too much.” Those who suffer from anxiety and stress know that heavy-Sativa hybrids are often dangerous as they can lead to paranoia and recursive thinking. However, Chocolate Thai is the perfect “beginner’s Sativa” as it manages to make those who suffer from ailments such as depression, insomnia, and PTSD focus on what’s in front of them, rather than worrying about alternatives or other intrusive thoughts.


The Chocolate Thai strain isn’t very pungent. If you smell the nugs right off the plant, it smells quite typically like marijuana, though the scent isn’t as overwhelming as some other strains with a very powerful odor. Instead, you have to grind up the buds to get an idea of what is to come.

You may have guessed that this strain possesses a chocolate scent. However, there is also an enormous amount of coffee in there, which is energizing in itself. Furthermore, there are earthy and spicy notes concealed within, reminiscent of traditional cannabis strains such as the original Thai phenotype.

Combined together, the Chocolate Thai aroma is spicy, sweet, and earthy.


chocolate thai

Again, it’s unsurprising that the dominant flavor in this strain is one of chocolate. The same coffee and chocolate notes are present in the taste. For those who felt disappointed by the subtlety of the smell, the taste of Chocolate Thai is much better and provides more of a kick.

On the inhale, you will detect the spicy notes that dance across your tongue, complementing the chocolate surprisingly well and balancing out the sweet. But on the exhale, Chocolate Thai possesses a classic marijuana woodiness. The herb and wood underlying the taste accompany the delicious coffee flavors well.

All in all, Chocolate Thai is a delicious strain packed full of flavor. Those who try it often come back for more.


Formerly, Chocolate Thai used to have a brown appearance. Back when it was brick weed grown in the wild, it was much darker and not very appealing. These days, Chocolate Thai is a more typical looking strain, with light green buds. Some may have some mottled, more shaded spots. Orange pistils weave their way through the nugs, poking through to the outside. If you’re lucky enough to buy high-quality bud, you’ll also see a smattering of glistening trichomes.

As a pure sativa, the Chocolate Thai plant grows tall and thin. You may need to tether it to prevent its stems from breaking. Speaking of tethering, how easy is the Chocolate Thai strain to grow?

Hybrid – 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 12% – 16%

Chocolate Thai is a Sativa dominate strain of weed. It is perfect to wake and bake to, but isn’t really good if all you’re going to do is sit around all day. The smell isn’t really potent, until you grind it up. Once ground, the smell is obvious and is closest to a cross between chocolates, various different types of Thai spices, and coffee. Chocolate Thai’s nugs are of a darkish green color, and they are nice and dense. The medical effects of Chocolate Thai are mainly for depression, muscle spasms, and insomnia, although those suffering from lack of creativity and the will to do something will find this to be a blessing. After smoking this strong strain you will experience a cerebral high which also leaves you feeling upbeat, creative, happy, and energetic. There aren’t really any side effects, with only some people reporting cotton mouth and dry eyes.

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