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Mr. Nice is an indica marijuana strain made by crossing G13 and Hash Plant. Mr. Nice produces effects that are mellow and put consumers into a state of bliss. This strain has a sweet smell and taste. Growers say Mr. Nice has extremely dense buds. This strain was named in honor of Howard Marks, the Oxford graduate who became one of the biggest cannabis smugglers of our time. After his time in federal prison Howard released his autobiography entitled “Mr. Nice”. Medical marijuana patients choose Mr. Nice to help relieve symptoms associated with depression.

Also called Mr. Nice Guy, the strain began as a limited-edition hybrid from the Netherlands’ Sensi Seeds, which crossed a female G13 clone (rumored to have originated in a government research facility,) with a Hash Plant male.

Sensi resurrected the limited-release hybrid in 1999 and renamed it after legendary cannabis breeder, activist and author Howard Marks, aka Mr. Nice.

The strain grows short and compact with dark green leaves and produces large yields of dense, sticky buds. It has a relatively short flowering period of 60 days and grows best outdoors in warm, sunny climates with long summers.

The strain was originally just called G-13 x Hashplant and was a limited release.  It was then re-created and re-released by Sensi Seeds and renamed “Mr Nice” after the nickname of Howard Marks, the famous cannabis and hashish smuggler, author, and advocate.

About Mr. Nice

Mr. Nice, or Mr. Nice Guy, is an Indica-dominant strain that won second place in the 2004 High Life Cup. It is named after Howard Marks, a man described by the press as ‘the most sophisticated drugs baron of all time.’ The creation of Sensi Seeds, this strain has a THC range of 13%-16%. Originally called “G13 x HP” it is a cross of the legendary Government 13 (G-13) with their own Hash Plant. Mr. Nice began as a limited edition strain, available for a very short time, but in 1999 Sensi Seeds released the strain again with its current name.

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Strong hashish flavors accompany a powerful narcotic body stone that can easily deprive the user of motivation and ambition. These lazy effects are calming and relaxing, and they frequently elevate mood. Mr. Nice has the usual negative side effects, which may include cotton mouth, dry eyes, paranoia, dizziness, and anxiety.

Mr. Nice is recommended for use later in the day or at night. Its bodily effects may ease even severe aches and pains. Some choose it for evening relaxation and to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. This strain, like many strong Indicas, is often used by patients suffering from insomnia. It may also be used to treat glaucoma, anorexia, nausea, and arthritis.

This strain needs an experienced grower’s touch and should be grown indoors where it flowers for nine to ten weeks. It can produce two to four ounces per plant. Mr. Nice requires a lot of attention, but the high calyx-to-leaf ratio makes its manicuring simple.

Indica Dominant Hybrid – 80% Indica / 20% Sativa

THC: 13% – 19%, CBD: 1%, CBN: 1%

This medical marijuana strain which is otherwise called as ‘Mr. Nice Guy’ is an indica-dominant strain created by Sensi Seeds. This strain is the second prize winner of the ‘2004 High Life Cup’. This was created by crossing Government-13 (G-13) strain with the Hash Plant. This strain is named in honor of ‘Howard Marks’, the Oxford graduate who became a folk legend by writing his autobiography in the title ‘Mr. Nice’ which tells the narrative of his own life as one of the biggest smugglers of Marijuana. The indica/sativa ratio of this strain is 80:20 and THC is ranging between 13 to 19%. The plant is dark green colored with bigger purple leaves covered in orange and white colored hairs running all over the buds. This strain has a fruity aroma which is described as walking through an orchid. The taste of this strain is also fruity and sweet. Mr. Nice strain is recommended to be used during the latter part of the day or at night for easing out severe aches/pains. It can also be utilized in the evening for relieving stress, depression and anxiety.


The Mr. Nice strain has a sweet and spicy fragrance combined with a pungent, skunky, and earthy odor.


The Mr. Nice strain has a pungent, earthy taste, which is offset by a blend of sweeter and spicier flavors. Smokers of this weed say that you can detect hints of pine with a woody flavor on the exhale.


mr nice nice

A Mr. Nice plant tends to remain relatively short and compact when fully grown. It produces dark green leaves with dense buds, which are heavily frosted with resinous trichomes. Rusty orange pistils grow prominently among the plant’s leaves, which give it a bit of added color.

Mr. Nice cannabis strain is an Indica dominant marijuana hybrid. This kush was introduced by Sensi Seeds. The herb is named after Howard Marks, the Oxford graduate who became famous for smuggling marijuana in mid 1980’s. Mr. Marks got arrested, did his time in federal prison and upon release published his autobiography – “Mr. Nice”. This marijuana strain has dense buds that provide mellow mind-body melt. Mr. Nice marijuana strain is best for evening and bedtime use due to relaxing properties.

Mr. Nice Grow Info

A Mr. Nice plant’s grow difficulty is rated as moderate, so it is arguably unsuitable for a novice grower. One plus is that this plant is naturally highly resistant to disease. When you grow it outdoors, a Mr. Nice plant will flourish in a warm and dry climate with plenty of sunshine.

A Mr. Nice plant’s grow difficulty is rated as moderate, so it is arguably unsuitable for a novice grower.

The flowering period for a Mr. Nice plant can be as short as 60 days. Outdoor growers can expect this plant to be ready for harvesting around mid to late October.

In terms of yield, indoor growers can expect an average return of approximately 14 ounces per square meter. Outdoor growers of this plant can expect a yield of approximately 16 ounces per plant.

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