24 karat gold

24k Gold is a hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Kosher Kush with Tangie. This strain provides euphoric and relaxing effects that are long-lasting. 24k Gold offers a sweet critrus flavor when smoked or vaped. Growers say this strain has dark colored buds like its parent, Kosher Kush.

Also known as Kosher Tangie, 24K Gold is a hybrid cannabis strain combining Kosher Kush, a powerful indica, with Tangie, an uplifting sativa.

It is a very flavourful strain that makes for a smooth smoke or flavorful vaping experience. It is very aromatic, producing a strong, iconic Kush smell combined with fresh citrus undertones. The effects of this strain are very powerful, and combine the strong physical relaxation of a Kosher Kush with the uplifting euphoria of Tangie. THC levels average between 18-24%.

24K Gold grows very large in the vegetative phase, resembling a sativa in its height and internodal spacing. As the plant matures, it’ll develop thick, dense buds that’ll develop a very generous layer of resin-rich trichomes.

The seed bank has identified three 24K Gold phenotypes; one of which has a prominent kush flavor with citrus undertones, and another with a Tangie-leaning flavor. The breeder also claims that 24K Gold produces a strong tangerine scent and kush-flavored buds.

About 24K Gold

24K Gold (aka 24 Karat Gold and sometimes Kosher Tangie) is an indica-dominant hybrid, although its long-lasting physical effects seem almost exclusively sativa. Created by high-profile breeders DNA Genetics — the same people behind Chocolope and LA Confidential — this strain is a cross between award-winning Kosher Kush and sativa favorite Tangie. In addition to a standout citrus flavor profile, 24K Gold impresses with colorful, eye-catching flowers. This hybrid’s potency has been measured at between 15% and an impressive 24%; it may not be the best choice for cannabis novices.

24K Gold is marked by medium to large flowers. Depending on the phenotype, these buds range from almost spherical to tapered and spade-shaped. Across the board, though, the flowers adhere in a dense, indica-typical bud structure. The leaves are a pale shade of spring green and are threaded through with rust-colored pistils. A translucent coat of trichomes covers the inner and outer surfaces of the blossoms, accounting for the strain’s psychoactivity and giving it an icy white sheen.

The smell of fresh citrus and orange zest jumps off of cured flowers of 24K Gold. On closer inspection, a whiff of pine and musk is also lurking underneath. Meanwhile, breaking open these dense buds yields notes of spicy and incense, betraying this hybrid’s Hindu Kush landrace roots. When burnt in a pipe or a joint, 24K Gold burns with a smoke that’s uncommonly smooth despite being thick and lung-expanding. This smoke tastes fruity with a peppery kick on the exhale; this combination of flavors may taste bitter to some users.

The high from 24K Gold hits quickly for an indica. Almost immediately after exhaling a bowlful, smokers may detect a slight throbbing at the front of the forehead. This sensation is accompanied by a sharpening of the senses — external stimuli like sights and sounds may seem to be amplified, making this strain perfect for enjoying some atmospheric music or a visually engaging movie. Some users may experience slightly psychedelic effects like time dilation or visual distortions.

24K Gold comes with few productive cerebral effects: while smokers may be able to carry on a lucid conversation, they tend to become dreamy and dopey, and certainly not equipped to execute complex tasks. Instead, share this easygoing buzz with some friends and let the laughs or conversation flow. As time passes or as dosage is increased, a more intense phase of physical sedation begins. Smokers commonly slide into body melt and couch-lock and can remain content for hours, given a few creature comforts. Because of its predominantly lazy vibes, 24K Gold is more appropriate for nighttime than daytime use.

Medical cannabis patients may also benefit from 24K Gold’s sedative properties. The bud can be an effective pain reliever, whether users suffer from temporary aches or more chronic, nerve-related discomfort. Its anti-inflammatory effects can also relieve everyday irritations like headaches and stomach trouble. In high enough doses, this strain’s thorough, almost narcotic relaxation may lull insomniacs into a deep, restful sleep. Psychologically speaking, 24K Gold temporarily blunts the troubling symptoms of stress and depression. Patients who are prone to panic or who have a low THC tolerance should note that, although recursive, paranoid thinking is not commonly reported, this variety’s body high can be so intense as to prove disorienting and overwhelming.

Fortunately for home growers, DNA Genetics has made seeds of 24K Gold available for sale online. This strain is considered a temperamental grow, and may not be the best choice for newcomers to cultivation. Once obtained, it can be grown indoors or out, although outdoor growing calls for a warm, semi-humid climate with consistent daytime sunlight. As is typical of sativas, this strain can grow to be very tall — those growing indoors should train their plants by pruning and cutting them back early in the vegetative stage. 24K Gold has a long flowering time of about 9 to 10 weeks when grown indoors. It offers patient growers a solid yield of 42 to 51 grams (or 1.5 to 1.8 ounces) of flower per square foot of plant.

24K Gold is just the thing for veteran indica fans seeking a pleasant, full-flavored smoke. It’s a great choice whether you’re feeling particularly social and chatty or just spending some introspective time alone.


24 karat gold

Like its parent strain, Tangie, 24K Gold has a deliciously sweet citrusy orange fragrance combined with hints of pine and musk. The buds when broken up give off a slight spicy smell with a subtle incense-like aroma.


24K Gold’s fragrance lets you know just what to expect taste-wise from this strain. It has a sweet, fruity, citrusy-orange flavor which tastes just as good as it smells. Some smokers of 24K Gold weed say that they can detect a slight peppery taste on the exhale. The smoke produced from 24K Gold is thick but smooth and not too harsh on the throat or lungs.


A mature 24K Gold plant produces medium to large sized flowers with a dense indica-type bud structure. Depending on the phenotype, these buds can be round or almost spade-shaped. The leaves are light green with orange pistils growing prominently among them. A 24K Gold plant is heavily coated with trichomes which gives this plant a wintery frosted appearance.

24K Gold’s Strain Grow Info

A 24K Gold plant is considered to be quite a challenge to grow and unsuitable for novice cannabis growers to try their hand at. A 24K Gold plant can be grown indoors or outdoors but it especially thrives in a sunny, warm and semi-humid climate. This plant tends to grow quite tall during the vegetative stage and stretches considerably during the flowering stage, so if you are growing indoors, space will be an important consideration.

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