The pungent pine aroma of Afternoon Delight is renowned. This variety has small, dense buds with a potent pine scent. Afternoon Delight cannabis strain will give a powerful buzz to inexperienced users who overindulge, causing dizziness. This strain adequately treats pain and muscular cramping. The Ghost OG × Skunk Haze cross known as Afternoon Delight is ideal for evening usage. For this plant, 60 to 65 days are required for the flowering stage

The name “Afternoon Delight” speaks for itself. It relieves tension and wraps users in a cloud of pleasure. There’s a sense of delight that develops within one as a result of it. As its physical impacts take hold, it puts people in a state of peaceful euphoria.

In spite of its Sativa-leaning genes, Afternoon’s Delight has a soothing comedown owing to its Banana Kush heritage. This is largely due to its Banana Kush, a cross between two strains with an upbeat onset and a strong buzz that sedates users before lulling them to sleep. Meanwhile, it contains potent Sativa characteristics from Schrom and Tangie provided by Colorado Seed Inc. for their strength, taste, and healing properties.

Afternoon Delight has a THC content of 18% to 22%, and it’s typically used by experienced consumers. When taken beyond one’s personal tolerance limits, Afternoon Delight may produce an overpowering head high or a powerful couch lock. Beginners can still get pleasure from the strain by taking tiny puffs and spacing them out.

What is Afternoon Delight Effects?

The afternoon delight is a Sativa variety with a unique impact. It has a stress-reducing buzz that relaxes the body and mind. It’s best utilized in the afternoon since its head to toe high may cause consumers to fall asleep on the sofa or bed for a quick sleep. The onset provides an uplifting buzz that instantly lifts moods. Users smile more as it cleanses their thoughts of negativity. Replacing it are pleasant memories that enhance the positive mindset.

This strain is named after the Greek god of wine, Dionysus. It’s a sativa-dominant hybrid with an incredibly sweet flavor profile that leaves you almost carefree to everything else. This long-lasting high provides a pleasant but not sedative relaxation and enough energy to function. At the same time, this state is characterized by feelings of euphoria and creativity. Furthermore, all of this generally entails giggles, making it even better. On the other hand, keep in mind that it is sometimes associated with couchlock.

After about an hour or so, the muscles all over the body are kneaded with a light touch. It begins at the temples and ends with the toes, releasing any tension that causes the brows to crease. It floods people in a hazy sense of relaxation. Although uncommon, Afternoon Delight users have reported falling asleep after four hours. Its euphoric buzz lulls users into restful slumber with its soothing euphoria. With its lovely euphoria, it softly cradle s users to bed


The pungent Afternoon Delight has a flavor that may be described as “afternoon delight.” It boasts a fruity odor with undertones of grapefruit, which tantalizes the nose. A complimentary tangy skunk is used to enhance it. Breaking it down exposes its fresh pine notes, which get stronger with time after burning.


The delightful Afternoon Delight is a mouthful of pleasure. It’s like a summer shake with bursts of sweetness from citrus and grapefruit in the mouth. The flavor of skunk with a nuance of wood coats the tongue. It leaves an aftertaste of pine on the exhale, which cleanses the palate.

Adverse reactions

A greening out is another term for cottonmouth, and it refers to a condition characterized by excessive sweating. Headaches are one of the most common symptoms, although dizziness can cause anxiety. It might be subtle but frightening paranoia at other times. It’s usually the result of taking in too much marijuana, but one’s attitude beforehand may also play a role. When smoking Afternoon Delight, moderation is required to make the experience pleasant.


Patients dealing with a wide range of ailments can benefit from this strain, which is also an excellent treatment for numerous issues. It may help with stress and chronic tiredness, as well as provide relief from depression and anxiety. When feeling sick to your stomach or having difficulty sleeping, it might be beneficial.

In addition to its role as an anti-inflammatory, CBD’s ability to treat anxiety and depression has made it a favorite of afternoon delights. It contains up to 1% CBD in combination with other cannabinoids such as THC or terpenes, providing patients comfort against a range of illnesses.

Neuropathy sufferers report experiencing an increase in pain of up to 80% after ingesting just a single dose. It does not, however, have any obvious benefits over the existing opioid epidemic treatment options. This drug is often recommended as a non-opioid alternative for those who are afraid of opioids because it can help with neuropathic pain and anxiety symptoms associated with depression.

It has a relaxing buzz that soothes pains and aches while wearying the body. Users relax and relieve tightness in their muscles as a result of its use. It relieves cramps, allowing one to move freely. Its ability to put individuals into a state of tranquility helps speed up the onset of its sedating qualities. In all probability, you will want to go to bed early and wake up rejuvenated the next day. Not to mention, it improves the quality and quantity of sleep.


In the grow room, Afternoon Delights has more Sativa characteristics. It grows tall and prefers a warmer, more Mediterranean-like climate. Not to mention that its buds are fluffy and taper at both ends.

The official website of the company does not sell seeds. On the Internet, there are no available offers for seed purchases. Unfortunately, this strain needs some expertise and specific conditions in order to be effective. It’s suggested for more experienced growers with indoor cultivation systems that guarantee consistent temperature control. In roughly 56-70 days, the plant provides an average yield.

This is not to imply that the plant has issues growing in the northern hemisphere. In reality, owing to its Indica heritage, it is quite robust. It will also require protection from harsh weather conditions such as heavy rains that will restrict its development. Early winter frosts played a role in the demise of several plants.

Other growers, on the other hand, may choose to relocate the plant indoors. It allows for improved management of growth elements such as temperature, lighting, and humidity. Pruning away dead limbs and stalks is required for better nutrient flow to healthy bud sites. In addition, cutting off the top of the plant in a restricted growing area ensures that it remains short in a confined environment.

Afternoon Delight is the best combination with the Screen of Green. To do this, producers must install a screen over the existing canopy and then weave branches into it. It controls height by preventing the plant from growing beyond where the net is installed. At the same time, it encourages bud development because it evens out light exposure by bringing up lower nodes.

Afternoon Delight is a fast-growing, fully mature cannabis plant that flowers in 8 to 10 weeks. Each square meter produces 12 to 16 ounces of buds. Afternoon Delight blooms from the mid-October through the last few days of the following month in the northern hemisphere. Once harvest time arrives, growers can anticipate at least 12 ounces of buds per plant on average. Have you ever smoked or cultivated your own Afternoon Delight? Please leave a comment below with your thoughts on this marijuana strain.

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