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Alien Dawg is a cross of Chemdawg and Alien Technology created by team at The Cali Connection. It has a sweet, spicy, woodsy taste and a strong aroma of sweet berries with an earthy background. The strain has an average of 20% THC and less than 2% CBD, according to lab tests obtained by Pacific Seed Bank.

Alien Dawg is one of The Cali Connections’ award-winning genetics, clinching second place in Best Indica at High Times Medical Cup in Detroit in 2014.

Descending from Northern California and Afghanistan genetics, Alien Dawg is a cross between Chemdawg and Alien Technology. With a sour and pungent odor, Alien Dawg has a light, bitter taste and presents brilliant mind and body effects.

Alien Dawg marijuana strain is a potent Indica- Sativa marijuana hybrid. With up to 20% THC this bud is not recommended for beginners. This Dawg induces fantastic high that will leave one feeling incredibly relaxed without feeling sleepy. However, if smoked before bedtime in a larger dose, she will help you sleep through the night like a baby. Alien Dawg marijuana is good for day and night time medicinal and recreational use.

About Alien Dawg

This Strain is a cross between Alien Technology and Chemdawg. It has its roots in Northern California and Afghanistan and offers an incredible mind and body high.

This strong strain is not recommended for beginners. It will produce a fantastic high that can leave you incredibly relaxed, but not sleepy. However, if you smoke Alien Dawg an hour before going to bed, it can help you stay asleep due to its anti-anxiety and meditative effect.

This particular strain has hints of berry combined with a sour and pungent earthy odor that is noticeable when rubbed between the fingers. Some users describe the smell as being similar to sour candy. The sweet piney undertone is from the Alien Tech, and the sour smell comes from the Chemdawg heritage.

alien dawg

The main positive effect users experience when smoking this strain is the instant uplift and feeling of euphoria. This helps the user to feel more happy and creative as well as more sociable and talkative. The negative side effect of this strain is dry mouth.

Due to its relaxing properties, the main medicinal use of Alien Dawg is for anxiety, but it also helps with nerve pain, spasms, PMS and migraines. 

 Indica Dominant Hybrid – 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

THC: 14% – 21%, CBD: 1%

Combining the marijuana genetics of Northern California and Afghanistan, indica-dominant Alien Dawg (30:70- sativa/indica ratio) resulted from a crossbreed of Chemdawg and Alien Technology, a powerful Afghani indica that allegedly reached the United States by way of an American soldier. The effects are strongly uplifting, delivering a potent dose of euphoria. Use it late at night, as it induces a deeply sedating, sleepy feeling. At the same time, it spurs cerebral creativity and boosts mood. It’s great for insomnia, depression, and pain, while it also can be used to treat anxiety, headaches, and muscle spasms. Negative effects include dry mouth, dry eyes, and dizziness, though headaches and paranoia are also possible. Alien Dawg has a sharp, bitter flavor with sour notes of earth and pine. The smell is pungent and sour, with hits of pine. The strain has a bright green appearance with many flecks of orange. The THC levels are relatively high, topping out at 20%. CBD levels, on the other hand, are quite low, less than 1%. That means this isn’t the best strain for treating seizures or other conditions that are alleviated by CBD. Alien Dawg sells best on the West Coast and in Colorado and Montana.

Potential Positive Effects of Alien Dawg

Alien Dawg’s high starts cerebral. A fuzzy feeling is felt so make sure you don’t have anything important planned. Once your head feels light, the effects of the strain begins to radiate through your body allowing it to become a little heavy, but not too much. You will feel euphoric, uplifted, and sedated. It does have some sativa characteristics like the want to be creative, but it will not dominate the lack of focus the indica provides.

You first notice a heavy feeling that starts around your temple and slowly spreads across the rest of your body. Your limbs take on a weighted feeling that makes movement feel much more difficult. It is during this early stage of the high that you are going to want to curl up on the sofa, maybe with a movie or some music.

An increased appetite is a very common effect, even when smoking Alien Dawg in small doses. It is always a good idea to have a few of your favorite snacks on hand so that you don’t have to wander too far.

alien dawg

As the effects of Alien Dawg start to become noticeable, you will feel incredibly tired and find yourself drifting towards the bed and falling asleep with ease. A combination of Alien Dawg’s sedative effects and the way in which the high comes to an end make Alien Dawg very much a strain to enjoy during the evening.

While you can use Alien Dawg in social situations, it really comes into its own during a lazy evening at home either with a close friend or on your own. When smoking in larger groups, the effects of Alien Dawg can feel a little overwhelming, leaving you feeling spacey and unable to really engage with those around you.

To really enjoy Alien Dawg, grab some of your favorite snacks, a few movies, and a close friend, and simply sit back and relax.

Potential Negative Effects of Alien Dawg

Some adverse effects include dry mouth, dry eyes, and dizziness. With high dosages, headaches and paranoia could be effects as well.

Lineage of Alien Dawg

Alien Technology is a heavy indica strain which THC content reaching up to 20%. The Afghani landrace strain is pretty rare and its journey remains an enigma. There is really not too much information about this strain. Its bud is light green in color with dark patches all over and covered with brown and orange hairs. It is dense on the inside but fluffy on the surface.

The yield amount for both indoor and outdoor growing are unknown but like many strains, indoor growing takes 8-9 weeks. Growing outdoors, flowers must be harvested by late September.

Chemdawg is a popular and vintage strain originating from the combination of the Nepalese and Thai strain, though has yet to be proven. This 55% sativa hybrid has a THC content that reaches to 26% with less than .1% CBD. It is a fluffy green bud with specks of dark green leaves. The flower is covered in frosty crystals and scattered pale brown hairs.

Growing Chemdawg needs an expert’s touch. It can be grown both indoors and outdoors with the plants growing tall. The plant needs to be in warm, dry, Mediterranean summer climate.

Flowering indoors takes 9 weeks yielding 28oz per square meter. Outdoor plants need to be harvested in September and will yield 28oz per plant. Be aware that this plant is prone to molds and mildew.

Growing Alien Dawg

Alien Dawg is easy to grow. It can be done both indoors and outdoors with plants growing up to 6 feet. While growing time is known, yield and climate conditions are not. Flowering indoors takes 58-68 days. Plants grown outdoors need to be harvested in early October. With outdoor growing, it is estimated that the average yield would be close to Chemdawg.

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