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Apple Jack is a hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Jack Herer and White Widow. This potent strain provides uplifting and soothing effects. Apple Jack is ideal for medical marijuana patients and consumers managing chronic pain or nausea. This strain features a flavor profile that is skunky and earthy with undertones of sliced apple.

Most cannabis plants get their names from some inherent quality they possess. Apple Jack is no different: its buds smell like freshly sliced apples picked from grandma’s backyard.

Apple Jack is the cross of two legendary strains — Jack Herer and White Widow — created by Seedism Seeds. According to Amsterdam Seed Center, it has a tart fruit and earthy flavor and matching aroma, along with 15%-to-20% THC levels on average. 

Apple Jack marijuana strain is a Sativa dominant marijuana hybrid. The kush wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the RDG genetics’ main breeder – Hazemaster. As the name suggests, this herb has a pleasant scent of apples, earth, and skunk. It is not recommended for beginners due to strong, up to 20% THC levels. Medical patients will find the strain not as useful, as its CBD count is only 0.1%. Apple Jack marijuana can be found in most legal markets in the West. The weed is good for daytime use.

AppleJack was a very popular strain in Amsterdam in 2001, however, the breeders of this variety encountered a problem. The original mother from which the clones were taken, was dying. Through dedication and special breeding techniques, they managed to recover the original genetics. AppleJack develops fragrant buds with a THC content of 18-19%. The highs are strong and long-lasting.

AppleJack produces solid yields, which can be harvested after the plants have been flowering for 9 weeks. Because the plants comprise genetics from Jack Herer and White Widow, the flavors and aromas developed during the flowering stage are very versatile. AppleJack is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cannabis plantations.

About Apple Jack

Apple Jack, as you might expect, is a really tasty bud that offers more than just a clever name and glossy exterior. This energetic bud is brought to us by Seedism Seeds, one of the top Dutch breeders and highly sought after cultivators in the Netherlands. The blend of Jack Herer and White Widow make this strain of notoriously potent genes an undoubtedly dynamic high.

Though the THC on this isn’t particularly high, the perfect balance between sativa and indica make it a desirable strain for its otherworldly effects. The flavors are as the name would suggest: fruity and earthy with tart and sweet apple zest. The aromas are peppered with apple and sugar, but are overtaken by pungent earth. The buds are dense and green with golden and red undertones.

This is one of those buds that is intensely focused, so if you have a project you’ve been meaning to finish or a to-do list looming overhead, now is the time. These buds go down smooth and will have you feeling that heady cerebral rush after just one hit. The burst of energy that washes over you will have all of your creative cylinders firing, making it a perfect daytime bud. The full body relaxation, as indicas typically provide, only compliment the stellar sativa buzz you feel from head to toe.

best applejack

For anyone who suffers from mood or attention disorders such as stress, depression, bipolar, or ADHD, this strain offers you the ability to streamline your thoughts and let negativity fall by the wayside. You’ll feel uplifted, yet relaxed, making it ideal for symptoms of the above ailments. Because of its highly energetic nature, this is a great strain for anyone suffering from chronic fatigue or clinical exhaustion. The CBD levels of this strain are almost too low to measure and therefore it is not recommended for anyone who requires CBD for treatment.

The only downside to this strain is that it is difficult to come by. As a result, there is very little grow information available. There are a few other strains of the same or similar name that may throw off the search, but exact recommendations and tips are scarce, if any.

Dutch folks usually know what they are talking about when it comes to marijuana, and we’re inclined to trust a country who made weed an art form long before most countries were even allowed to grow it. This tasty strain has uniquely enticing qualities that benefit everyone from artists to office managers and everyone in between. Enjoy this bud first thing in the morning for a little pep in your step or at midday to get through a slump.

Hybrid – 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 20%

Apple Jack is a sativa-dominant hybrid created by crossing the famed Jack Herer sativa with White Widow, an equally notorious hybrid. The result is fairly potent, with THC levels that can top 20%. The exact balance of sativa to indica is unknown, but sativa makes up at least 70% of its genes. Even so, Apple Jack delivers a mix of head and body effects, with a calming physical buzz and a euphoric cerebral sensation. The high is focused and creative, great for relieving stress. This strain is good for treating muscle spasms, chronic pain, and anxiety, as well as depression and other mood disorders. CBD levels are low, only about 0.1%, so this isn’t a good choice for epileptics or other patients whose symptoms respond to CBD. Apple Jack has a sweet fruity flavor to go with its name, as well as a sweet but pungent earthy aroma. This strain isn’t widely available, so there’s no real data on its negative effects. For that matter, it’s hard to say where this unique strain can be found, though it’s probably sold on Western legal markets.


best applejack

You will feel an immediate burst of energy after the first inhale of Apple Jack. This sativa quickly erases any negative feelings and wakes up a new energy inside of you. This is a great daytime strain, as it will give you a kick of energy to finish your daily tasks and won’t leave you with any groggy side effects. This sativa is also a mood enhancing strain, and chases away any bad moods or feelings of depression. It inspires a sense of contentment and happiness, and for this reason, is an ideal strain to enjoy with friends. Apple Jack makes the user extremely sociable and talkative.

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