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Apollo 13 consistently receives quite a bit of praise that has come to be expected with strains created by breeders Brothers Grimm. A cross between two of their other successful strains, P75 and Genius (a Jack Herer phenotype), this strain has a decorated lineage. Apollo 13 has the distinction of being especially rare as it is said that only 500 seeds came from the original stock and the few cuttings are the stuff of legend. This plant is less finicky than most and is often recommended for new grower. It also flowers very quickly at 7-8 weeks, producing large sticky buds. Apollo 13’s aroma is unique and very pungent. Its scent has been described as peppery and earthy with a punch of both sour fruit and citrus, while the taste takes on the herbal notes of tea with a skunky aftertaste. As its name suggests, this strain will have your head in the clouds as its effects are cerebral and energizing. While the more popular version of this hybrid is the sativa-dominant plant, be aware that an indica-dominant version is also out there.

Apollo 13 is a hybrid cannabis strain that produces large forest green buds that are cone-shaped and have sparse golden yellow pistils and a frosty layer of trichomes. Its scent is reminiscent of sour citrus while its flavor is more of herbal tea with a skunky aftertaste.

Apollo 13 marijuana strain is a Sativa dominant hybrid created by Brothers Grimm. It is one of the rarest marijuana strains to get your hands on. The herb is very easy to cultivate, after 7-8 weeks of flowerings, he rewards with large sticky buds. Apollo 13 nugs have a pungent smell of earth and peppers. Staying true to her name, Apollo 13 induces spacey, psychedelic cerebral high. It is a great mood picker upper and energy booster. Apollo 13 marijuana is good for morning and daytime use.

About Apollo 13

Apollo 13 is Sativa dominant and is known for providing a psychedelic and spacey head high. First and foremost, users report a rise in creativity, followed by uplifted mood and feelings of euphoria. Like other Sativa strains, this one is also known to give users energy. One of the most interesting benefits of this strain, that is contrary to cannabis reputation, is the increase in focus it induces. An increase in prescription volume for adults with ADD has been reported in some states on the West Coast. This strain also produces some of the common negative side effects, including dry mouth and eyes, anxiety, headaches and paranoia.

As other Sativas, Apollo 13 is best used early in the day and is recommended for people living  with stress, anxiety and depression. Although not helpful in treatment of severe pain, the strain has been used by some people to relieve minor aches. Apollo 13 can also be used to relieve nausea and induce appetite.

Apollo 13’s genetics were designed by the Brothers Grimm as a cross between Genius and Princess 75. This strain is especially recommended for beginner growers because it requires little attention. After flowering seven to eight weeks, Apollo 13 will produce a heavy yield. It is ideal for an indoor Sea of Green setup, but in the proper climate can also be grown outdoors. Other breeders have also released their own versions of Apollo 13.

apolo 13

Sativa Dominant Hybrid – 85% Sativa / 15% Indica

THC: 15% – 19%

Being a sativa dominant strain, Apollo 13 has an 15:85 indica/sativa ratio with an amazing 17.9% THC content. The strain is perfect for daytime use and is known for its sensational high. The buds are mostly green and are covered with orange hairs and crystals. It smells earthy with a harsh taste to go along with it. But the taste is not as bad as it may seem even though it may be rough on the throat. The strain is renowned for offering a spacey and psychedelic high, which is something to look forward to. Upon closer inspection (which required extensive testing) the strain offers a high that does not numb your creativity. In fact many users observed a rise in creativity all the while experiencing feelings of euphoria and an uplifted mood. Just like any other sativa dominant strain, Apollo 13 is known to energize its users. But what is really interesting about the strain is that it increases focus which is highly unusual since it is a sativa dominant strain. Apollo 13 is best suited for individuals suffering from depression, but it does come along with side effects like paranoia and headaches.

Apollo 13 was originally bred by Colorado-based seed bank Brothers Grimm Seeds, which pollinated a female Genius plant said to be a Jack Herer phenotype with pollen from a P75 male to conjure this coveted hybrid strain. Used by breeder Subcool from TGA genetics, Apollo 13 played a parental role in the development of several other popular strains, including The Void and Third Dimension (3D).

Carrying an aroma of pepper and earth with fruity undertones, the flavor profile of Apollo 13 has been described as herbal and skunky. One sample of Apollo 13 analyzed by the cannabis testing laboratory MCR Labs showcased impressive THC levels that exceeded 22%.

Apollo 13: This skunky girl will make your eyes water with her pungent perfume. The delicate balance of indica/sativa makes Apollo 13 perfect for growers limited to a single strain. The long, fat colas and sparkling, sticky side branches really weigh in at harvest time. This is the type of smoke you can’t hold down; it expands and blasts off from the lungs. The high is clear and cerebral, without a hint of paranoia. Her citrus flavor and happy high make Apollo 13 very popular at parties! Two hits and you can leave your own footprints on the moon. Flowering: 45-55 days. Height: 120-150 cm. Yield: 400 gm/m2.
It’s remarkable the number of references to Apollo 13 that come up in discussions of elite cannabis still today. The plants are prized for the varied, but always outstanding phenotypes. There are breeders today who have continued to cross the Apollos through 5 generations and the resulting seeds are in still great demand.

apolo 13

We salute the underground network of Apollo lovers that kept clones of their finest plants thriving for over a dozen years in this recreation of the classic Apollo 13. We crossed our most highly prized original Apollo 13 female to a P75 male we grew out from vintage seeds MrSoul had stashed away. These are ideal genetics to create the quintessential Apollo 13 with a squat profile with short internodes and thick branches supporting dense, resinous buds that reek of citrus-tropical fruity aromas. An above-average yielder of very potent weed with the clear sativa high – a speedy, thought-provoking, motivational weed for creative minds.

Flowering Time: We recommend 50-60 days of 12/12 flowering

Morphology & Effect: Select for short internodes and strong branches. Bushy plants with fat, dense buds covered in sparkly resin that reeks of citrus and mango.

Average Yield: With proper environment and skills – yields 4-8 ounces of fruity, resin-encrusted colas & side buds per plant can be expected.

Growing Notes: We recommend pruning into multi-headed bushes in large soil containers – four plants per 1000W lamp – then support with stakes or netting.

Potential Positive Effects

Creativity and energy are the feelings you will have using this strain. While exciting your dopamine levels, it provides the focus needed to get a task done. All of this comes with an underlying relaxation. It gives a user an all-around great day.

Potential Negative Effects

This strain also produces some of the common negative side effects that comes with many strains. This includes anxiety, dry mouth and eyes, headaches, or paranoia. Recently, it has been brought to consumers’ attention that this strain may cause headaches as well.

Lineage of Apollo 13

Genius contains about 18% THC. Certain plants have more indica than others and grow medium to large. The bud is medium green covered with white crystals and spots of red hairs. The plants grow as high as 100 inches with yields of 18 ounces per plant. Allow 10 to 11 weeks for harvest.

Little is known about Princess 75, but it’s said to have been the result of combining Princess and Princess 50. Although this strain’s information is scare, if it helped create Apollo 13, it did a good job.

Growing Apollo 13

Apollo 13 produces a heavy yield and flowers after 7 to 8 weeks. It’s best grown indoors, providing 12 to 16 ounces per square meter with a Sea of Green setup. It can be grown outdoors, providing 16 ounces or more per plant. But climate needs to be near perfect. Breeders have since created their own versions of the plant. It’s recommended for new growers and yields large, sticky buds.

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