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Created by Archive Seed Bank, Biohazard is a cross between two legendary strains, Skunk Va Chemdog 91 and Do-Si-Dos, that results in potent, resinous buds deserving of their name. Buds grow dense with dark purple and green colors that are accented by rich orange hairs. The smell and flavor offer notes of incense, cookie dough, and diesel, a funk sure to fill up a room. The high is equally strong, making Biohazard an ideal strain for experienced users who want to challenge their tolerance.

Biohazard is an evenly-balanced hybrid bred by the masters at Archive Seed Bank. This strain is known for its potency. The plant boasts dark purple and green buds that are dense and carry many vivid orange hairs. Its taste and aroma combine cookie dough with diesel and incense. This unique combination is also very strong. Biohazard strain is recommended for daytime and nighttime use.

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Created by the breeder Archive Seed Bank, Biohazard takes its genetics from crossing Skunk Va Chemdog 91 and Do-Si-Dos. Potent. Resinous dense buds are encased in rich orange hairs. The smell and flavor profile permeate the air with notes of incense, cookie dough, and diesel. The strong high from Biohazard can be a challenge for even the experienced user.

About Biohazard

She’s not as dangerous as she seems, we promise. An evenly balanced hybrid that’s surrounded in mystery, Biohazard hails from Oregon’s Archive Seed Bank. The team there crossed SkunkVA Chemdog 91 with Do-Si-Dos for a treat that’s best left for more experienced users.

Breeders are very careful to keep this strain’s THC potency a secret, but given what we know about her high, it’s a safe assumption that she’s well into the 20% range. Nugs of this gal are quite dense with a dark purple and green coloring that’s complete with tons of resin. An interesting mixture of diesel, incense, and cookie dough will both fill the room you’re in and tickle your taste buds at the same time, leaving you wondering what the heck you just smoked.

Initially, users will get to enjoy the sativa side of Biohazard as a cerebral boost will catapult you into a place of pure joy. Creativity is heightened alongside your tendency to be social, but don’t expect this energetic state of mind to last too terribly long. Potent as she is, this strain will offer an equally bold comedown that leaves you super relaxed and glued to the couch. Those who are less experienced with cannabis will find themselves unable to stay awake, so proceed with caution.

biohazard live

Strains that are heavy in THC are great choices for treating medical conditions, as both physical and mental issues are no match for their powerful effects. Biohazard falls right in line with the ability to relieve users of bodily pain including the symptoms associated with arthritis, migraines, and more. As this bud imparts such a strong sense of joy into her users, those who struggle with anxiety and depression will also find her to be a godsend. If you have a hard time falling asleep, a few tokes before bedtime will help immensely.

Archive Seed Bank does provide home growers with a little bit of data when it comes to Biohazard, but finding seeds can be challenging to say the least. If you do get your hands on some, keep in mind that plants will grow to be rather tall but do thrive equally well inside and outdoors. After 10 weeks of growth, you’ll end up with an average-sized yield.

Scary as she sounds, Biohazard isn’t a strain to shy away from unless you’re still getting used to cannabis in general. Those who are more experienced will love her balanced effects and potent attitude, although working through her initial flavors might be a bit difficult. Save this strain for a rainy day when you don’t have anything going on or reserve her for nighttime use when you’ve had an exceptionally long day at the office.

biohazard live

Aroma/Flavor:  This strain has a sweet and herbal flavoring with a sour chemical aftertaste that lingers on the tongue.

Typical Effects:  This strain has a great balance of desirable effects. Its delicious flavors are just the start of an incredibly mentally uplifting journey. It immediately broadens your sense of well-being and energy. This mental uplift helps combat anxiety and depression. It is also known to supply ample creativity. You can also try this strain pain and stress relief, as its physical effects leave the body tension-free and fully at ease.


Breeder: Archive Seed Bank. Strain Lineage: Biohazard cannabis strain comes from a cross between Chemdawg 91 and Do-Si-Dos strains.

Cookies and Chemdawg, what else needs to be said? Sweet incensed cookie dough mixed with that acrid ChemDog nasty funk. The resin and potency of both parents combines to reveal a density of trichome coverage that is hard to compare. There’s isn’t a square millimeter that isn’t coated in bulbous sparking resin glands on these buds. Consume carefully, as the potency and stank are hard to contain, and you don’t want to be creating a BioHazard to others in your vicinity.

Type of High

Biohazard cannabis strain gives a strong cerebral and body high. It starts with an euphoric boost that is very energizing but soon turns into a deep relaxation. You might be couch locked and sedated.

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