dragon's breath strain

Dragon’s Breath is a sativa-dominant hybrid cross between the two legendary strains, Jack Herer and Northern Lights. Its balanced, clear-headed effects are ushered in by a distinctive spicy aroma that hints at this hybrid’s Haze ancestor. Some patients may find Dragon’s Breath particularly helpful in burning off pain, depression, and anxiety throughout the day.

THC levels for Dragon’s Breath fall at 22%. Its high is known to be quite clear-headed, allowing focus and creativity to blossom within the consumer’s mind. While the mind and body simultaneously relax, bouts of the giggles may arise. A talkative mood will surface, allowing the consumer to clear their head of social anxiety. Mood overall improves.

Beyond dry mouth and eyes, Dragon’s Breath rarely causes other ill side-effects, making this a good strain to start with for novice consumers.

The top reported aromas of Dragon’s Breath are sweet, tropical, and earthy. And it is said to taste like flowers, spices, and fuel.read more

Dragon’s Breath cannabis strain by Ocean Grown is a slightly Sativa hybrid with a THC average of 22% and a high potency that’s not good for newbies. Buds have a piquant and pungent tropical scent, and it tastes like earthy citrus. Dark green nuggets are lumpy popcorn puffs with thick, milky trichomes and russet hairs adorning every inch. This strain can treat chronic fatigue, pain, appetite loss, depression and stress. This strain is great for daytime or evening usage.

About Dragon’s Breath

Dragon’s Breath is the mythical offspring of two legendary cannabis strains: Jack Herer and Northern Lights. In addition to these two cult classics, the mystery breeders behind this strain added a secret strain of cannabis to the genetic melting pot, an unknown Skunk strain that gives Dragon’s Breath its pungent scent. This strain has been described as both a balanced hybrid and a Sativa-leaning hybrid. This strain often tests for THC levels exceeding 20%, making it quite the potent daytime powerhouse.

In places where it is legal to grow cannabis in the comfort of one’s home, Dragon’s Breath has become an increasingly popular candidate for beginner strain. This low-effort strain is quite resistant to both mold and mildew, which means it requires little to no experience in order to reach harvest. Indoors, this plant can produce up to 16 ounces per square meter of plant while producing over 18 ounces of bud per plant outdoors. This strain flowers in as little as 8-9 weeks.

Dragon’s Breath can take on a variety of hues, as it is often grown in cold conditions in order to achieve a deeper color profile. Expect colors ranging from minty and forest greens all the way to deep purples and blues to be present in this bud. In addition, windy dark orange hairs cover this bud in a web of fuzz. This bud is sure to be covered in a thick and sticky coating of trichomes that is even more prominent when the bud is cracked apart. The flower smells of sweet tropical fruits mixed with spicy peppers and herbs and pungent earth. The flavor is an interesting mix of sweet citrus and earth with a slight spicy kick after exhaling.

dragon's breath strain

Like Drogon to King’s Landing, Dragon’s Breath will hit you hard, fast, and without warning. Expect a cerebral head rush to be the first thing you experience after exhaling. A boost of much-needed creative energy and focus will have you knocking things off your to-do list one after another. As your mood is now infinitely improved, your happy self will be unable to keep a goofy grin off your face.

Slowly and discretely, waves of calming relaxation will lure you towards the sofa and subtly relax your muscles. As you get a bit sedated, you might ended up sitting or lying down. Have no fear, this strain isn’t so strong that it’s going to knock you out, rather, it will relax you physically while keeping your mind free and clear. Users suffering from depression, anxiety, chronic stress, and pain have found that these effects have helped combat their negative symptoms. Likewise, individuals suffering from insomnia have found that the relaxation provided by this strain helps them to manage to fall asleep at night.

Hybrid – 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 22%

Dragon’s Breath is a sativa dominant hybrid created through a cross of the classic Jack Herer X Northern Lights X Skunk strains. Although the exact indica to sativa ratio is unknown due to breeder secrecy, this extremely rare bud is always in high demand because of its powerful effects and insanely high THC level that bottoms out at 22% on average. The Dragon’s Breath high hits hard and fast with an immediate rush to the head of cerebral uplifted energy and creative motivation. You’ll feel blissfully happy as your mind soars with waves of warming relaxation and tendencies towards becoming very talkative. As this high continues, a calming effect will fall over your body with a slight sedative effect that doesn’t diminish your energy or cause loss of functionality. These sativa heavy effects and its high THC level make Dragon’s Breath an ideal bud for treating conditions such as chronic pain, lack of appetite, chronic fatigue, mild to moderate cases of depression, and chronic stress. This bud has large and lumpy popcorn-shaped forest green nugs with dark amber hairs, light minty green patches, and a thick frosty coating of oversized crystal milky white trichomes. The buds have an aroma of spicy sweet tropical fruit with a hint of pungent earth. The flavor is of sweet citrus with an earthy aftertaste that becomes surprisingly spicy upon exhale.

raits of Dragon’s Breath and Dragon’s Breath seeds

dragon's breath strain

This marijuana strain is expected to be a 50/50 hybrid between two famous strains, Northern Lights indica and Jack Herer sativa.

Northern Lights is one of the most popular indicas around, famous for its heavy drowsy effects and cheerful mood uplift. Jack Herer is another popular strain, offering consumers a clear-headed and invigorating daytime high.

The resulting hybrid has inherited a punchy skunk aroma with a spicy kick. High in THC, this herb also promotes a strong psychoactive experience. As such, this plant is best for those familiar with cannabis. This flower is known to cause paranoia in high doses.

Flowers from this strain tend to be fluffy and pine-tree shaped, paying homage to both its indica and sativa heritage. This strain was bred by Ocean Grown Seeds.

Medical Benefits of Dragon’s Breath

  • Uplifting, the strain may be a worthwhile choice for those suffering from brain fog and chronic fatigue.
  • Some find that this medicinal flower is also helpful for daytime relief muscle spasms and muscle tension.
  • In addition, this plant may be useful for those seeking relief from pain conditions like fibromyalgia.

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