jagermeister benefits

Jager Strain Information

Jager is an indica marijuana strain made by crossing LA Confidential and Blue Dream. This strain produces full-body effects that are relaxing but not sedating. Jager tastes and smells like black licorice. This strain was named after the dark acloholic […]

Champagne Strain Information

Champagne Strain Information

Champagne Strain Information is a relatively new strain that has many different and intriguing properties. As the name suggests, Champagne Strain was originally developed in France by crossing two parent strains: Northern Lights and Skunk #1. This hybridization process created […]

what is a milf

MILF Strain Information

MILF, also known as MILF Weed, from Mother Chucker’s Seeds takes its name from an acronym for Marijuana I’d Like to Flower. This sativa-heavy hybrid crosses White Widow with a select cut of Trainwreck from Arcata, California (e-32). While there […]