The breeders Darren Doherty and Jeff Jamnik of Red River Cannabis Coalition proudly produce Dagwood, also known as DAG, This is a hybrid that uses the genetics from Shoreline Skunk and Whitaker Blues. The dense trichome-coated buds have an eyecatching purple finish with a pungent skunk aroma. Flavors of fruity apple, herbal and berries are a provided undertone from this bud.

This skunky, indica-leaning hybrid is our proprietary strain. Developed by our Master Growers, Darren “Dagwood” Doherty and Jeff Jamnik. It’s a cross between Shoreline and Whitaker Blues with hard-to-the-touch buds that are coated with purple trichomes. With a taste that is both sweet and herby, it’s like taking a big bite of your favorite fruit.

Dagwood cannabis strain by Darren Doherty and Jeff Jamnik of Red River Cannabis Coalition is an even hybrid. Buds are hard, trichome dusted with a purple sheen. The flavour is sweet fruits like berries and apples against an herbal background, while the tastes are more pungent and skunky. Dagwood cannabis strain is good for daytime and evening usage.

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About Dagwood Strain


Dagwood, also known simply as “DAG,” is an evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa) created through crossing the powerful Shoreline Skunk X Whitaker Blues strains. This celebrity child boats a super-powered full-bodied high that starts with a cerebral burst before settling deeply into your body with a heavy couch-locked stone. The high starts with a rush of heady uplifted effects that slam into your brain with a building euphoria and creativity that has you flying high mentally without causing any anxiety. As your mind flies higher and higher, your body will slowly begin to fade away into a deeply relaxing physical high that has you fully locked to the couch and pretty stoned. With these effects and its high 23-25% average THC level, Dagwood is often chosen to treat conditions such as depression, migraines or headaches, chronic stress, chronic fatigue and chronic pain. This bud has a skunky and sweet fruity berry flavor that lingers on the tongue. The aroma is of earthy herbs and dank pungent spices with a bunch of skunky berries. Dagwood buds have fat oversized minty green nugs with neon undertones, bright orange hairs and a coating of tiny amber white crystal trichomes.

Dagwood cannabis strain’s high is well balanced and provokes thought initially thanks to a cerebral burst. This is soon followed up by a very soothing physical stone.

The cured flower had an almost golden color to it with flecks of purple hiding in the nooks and crannies. The package we received had a rather large bud inside that was well manicured and extremely pungent. The best way to describe the perfume is a slightly sour melon that promises to be sweet on the back end. When smoked through a water pipe with good percolation, you get none of the sour and enjoy a smooth pull with a hint of fruit. Easy to hold, and pleasant on the exhale, the effects are almost instantaneous.

R2C2 offers the strain in concentrate (shatter) form as well. While we found the consistency to be a bit more like a sugar, the compounded effects from the concentrated medicine made for a relaxing “flush” that allowed the heady effects of Dagwood to shine through immediately. DAG is definitely not a couch-lock strain. After that initial pull, the indica profile remained which allowed for a good amount of pain relief while still able to focus on menial tasks.

Like all new dispensaries, you have to take the good with the bad. There were a couple things that could have made the experience better but absolutely do not retract from the quality of medicine or service. On the contrary, it shows that Red River Cannabis Coalition cares about providing quality for the price. After learning of a packaging flaw we brought to their attention, they immediately removed that product from their shelves to be properly re-packaged. Ensuring nobody else ran into the same issue.

That kind of service is what will set dispensaries apart in the early stages of Oklahoma’s Medical Marijuana Program. With one in every strip mall, those that take the time to provide quality medicine without gouging on prices will prevail as victors in what is already a flooded market. Be sure to do your homework and recognize those that have a true desire to provide the best versus those wanting to make a quick buck.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Dagwood?

Dagwood tastes sweet and fruity (berries and apple) with a pungent and skunky flavor. Its moderate cerebral and physical high induces relaxation, happiness, euphoria, an uplifted mood, and sleepiness. It is an even hybrid good for daytime and evening usage.

What are the Medical Benefits of Dagwood?

People who are experiencing stress, depression, pain, insomnia, and a lack of appetite can benefit from Dagwood. It is an effective anti-depressant, analgesic, stimulant, and muscle relaxant.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Dagwood.


The THC level in marijuana induces moisture inhibition, so cottonmouth and dry eyes may likely happen. To diminish the effects, you need to increase your water intake and buy an eye moisturizer drop to soothe those irritated, red eyes.

Additionally, you may experience dizziness that will make you anxious. This is normal for inexperienced tokers. Just remember to slow down on your smoke.

How to Grow Dagwood?

Its two breeders of the Red River Cannabis Coalition grow the strain indoors. The facility is a 13,500 sq/ft of land and is climate-controlled.

They use the method of Hydroponic farming, a form of gardening that is soilless, to grow the strain. Instead of soil, the plants grow in a solution of nutrients combined with water. Plants grow faster, and yields are bigger using this system. It takes up less space and conserves water at the same time.

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