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Lemon Thai is great for those looking for a little extra creative spark. Originally produced by Dutch Flowers, Lemon Thai is a cross between a Thai sativa and a Hawaiian strain. Taking after its Thai parentage, the effects of this strain are extremely cerebral, allowing users to feel introspective, focused, and thoughtful. This strain features a pleasant lemony-mint taste and typically flowers in 10 weeks. Lemon Thai produces high yields both indoors and outdoors but appreciates a lot of space to grow.

Lemon Thai is an uplifting and energizing wake-and-bake strain that puts a pep in your step. This slightly sativa-dominant hybrid packs quite a potent punch with THC levels of up to 22%. It is renowned for its exceedingly sour lemony flavor and aroma.

About Lemon Thai

Creative types will love the effects of Lemon Thai, as this hybrid brings feelings of inspiration and focus to the mind. The origin of this strain is limited, as it’s unclear the ratio of sativa to indica as well as the true parentage. Dutch Flowers crossed a Thai sativa with a mystery Hawaiian strain to get Lemon Thai, a choice that’s potent and delicious. Lemon Thai boasts a nice level of THC with batches averaging around 20%. Buds are long and tend to be a lighter shade of green, with an aroma that’s enticing and potent. An overwhelming smell of sour lemon meets slightly earthy mint notes to create both a scent and taste that’s appreciated by nearly everyone. Some users even describe a slight tingling sensation on their tongue after exhaling this magical strain.

You’d think that with potent THC levels, Lemon Thai might knock you out and render you less than useful. In fact, quite the opposite is true, as this strain is known for its ability to make users super focused, energetic, and extremely happy. The cerebral high can also impart the desire for introspection and thoughtfulness, offering you a chance to think about what’s important in life. Keep in mind that this strain may not be the best choice for newer users or those with a lower tolerance – using too much may lead to couchlock or paranoia.

Individuals plagued by medical concerns, including glaucoma, pain, or lack of appetite can all benefit from Lemon Thai. Where it truly shines, however, is with its ability to relieve depression and stress from those who overthink and worry. Leaving you clear-headed and calm, this strain allows users to go about their normal day without feeling weighed down. As with many strains, a lot of users tend to report red eyes and a dry mouth when smoking Lemon Thai.

lemon thai

Growers who are looking for a cash crop will hit it big with Lemon Thai, as it’s a plant that produces an exceptionally high yield. Thriving in warm sunshine, it’s pretty easy to grow with even a limited knowledge of cultivation techniques. It has an average flowering cycle of 8 to 9 weeks, although some sources report that it’s best to wait longer into the 11 to 13 week range. Ideal for daytime use when you want to dial in your mental focus, Lemon Thai is a delicious strain that clears your head and makes you feel great. Use it daily for stress relief or when you need a moment of time to get in touch with your innermost thoughts.

Hybrid – 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 22%

Lemon Thai is produced using Dutch Flowers and is a hybrid that is created by crossing a popular Hawaiian strain and Thai Sativa variety. It has a THC level of around 22 percent. It has a sativa dominant strain that has a germination period of 11 to about 13 weeks. It has a green leafy appearance and has strong cerebral effects. The plant produces a very high yield and can be grown indoors and outdoors. However, it requires a huge space for its proper growth. Its aroma and flavor is quite similar, and is an amazing blend of citrus, lemon, minty lime and bitter lemon. You can also feel a hint of melon and traditional spicy Thai flavor while smoking Lemon Thai. It has numerous effects on your system, but mainly it has an invigorating and an uplifting effect on your nerves. In addition to that, it makes you feel happy, euphoric and happy. Lemon Thai is best for treating anxiety followed closely by depression. It soothes your stress and instantly calms you down. It is also effective in mitigating a variety of pains, including backaches and arthritis pains. You can also use it for seeking relief from migraines. Its side-effects include having dry eyes, dry mouth and dizziness.


lemon thai

Lemon Thai has a sweet and citrusy aroma that instantly fills a room. The buds have a subtler fragrance, with the true scent only becoming noticeable when you grind the buds apart. As you break up the Lemon Thai buds, you can smell the sweet citrus, almost like cutting a lemon in half.

The Lemon Thai strain produces a light smoke that is easy on the lungs. It is less harsh than other strains on those who do not smoke regularly. The stereotypical coughing fit that many people associate with smoking cannabis is a rare occurrence with Lemon Thai.


Lemon Thai’s flavor profile perfectly matches its aroma. It has the same fresh sweet citrus taste that reminds you of sipping lemonade on a hot summer day.

When you inhale Lemon Thai’s smooth smoke, your taste buds flood with an intense burst of lemon. The sweetness, which was previously dominated by the robust lemon flavor, then becomes apparent.


Lemon Thai plants grab your attention due to their tall height. These plants can reach up to a sizable 80 inches in height.

The leaves on a Lemon Thai plant quickly outgrow the sphere of the plant, dominating the space around them. The leaves’ edges are covered in a dense layer of white trichomes, giving them a magical wintery vibe.

Lemon Thai buds are rather unremarkable in terms of their appearance. The muted green coloring that forms the body of the buds gives the plants a washed-out look. Thick, rusty-colored pistils weave their way throughout Lemon Thai buds. These give them an aged appearance but also add some much-needed color.

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