mint chocolate chip

Mint Chocolate Chip is a rare cross of opposing genetics. Created from SinMint Cookies and Green Ribbon, this hybrid is mentally uplifting while remaining grounded in functional relaxation. The aroma is sweet, minty, and herbal, and the buds are dense with resin. Mint Chocolate Chip remains functional in smaller doses, but shows its distracting and relaxing qualities with continued consumption.

Now and then we review a strain so rare that finding good quality information on the web can be a challenge in itself! Today, we are bringing to you one such strain that is difficult to come by and shrouded in mystery, making it one of must-try bud, Mint Chocolate Chip!

If you’ve never heard of Mint Chocolate Chip, we’re not surprised! This is not a very common flower to come across, but it is indeed worth hunting down as it offers a pretty rad high and the flavor is seriously something else!

Stick around to find out more about this complex little number, as we give you the low-down on one of the most delicious buds we’ve tried for years!

About Mint Chocolate Chip

Mint Chocolate Chip is a perfectly even hybrid of sativa and indica. Created by the mad geniuses at Exotic Genetix, this strain is a cross between Green Ribbon BX and Mystery Cookies. In addition to relaxing, well-rounded effects, Mint Chocolate Chip provides users with a singular mint flavor. Mint Chocolate Chip’s THC content has been measured at levels ranging from 17% to 23%.

Trimmed flowers of Mint Chocolate Chip impress with a large, distinctly tapered shape, resembling miniature pine trees. The inner makeup of the buds leans more indica, with all leaves curling closely inward to form a solid core. The leaves are short and wide, and come in an array of mossy green. Curly orange pistils and translucent trichomes finish off these eye-catching flowers.

mint chocolate chip

When properly cured, Mint Chocolate Chip’s flowers emit a sweet herbal aroma that may bring to mind eucalyptus or potpourri. A closer whiff detects notes of mint, though these lean more toward tangy menthol rather than mint chocolate chip ice cream, as its name suggests. Breaking up or grinding these flowers, gives off a pungent skunky odor. When combusted, it burns with a smooth and easily ingested smoke. On the exhale, this smoke tastes minty and slightly sour.

It isn’t long before smokers start to feel Mint Chocolate Chip’s effects. At first, the high can manifest as a head rush, creating sensations like flushed cheeks or an increase in salivation. Many consumers also report a tight, “headband”-like feeling around the lower forehead and temples. As users become accustomed to these tics, they will start to ease into an altered headspace. Thoughts may occur to them with a new frequency or intensity, creating a sense of interconnectedness. Indeed, many smokers may launch into bouts of categorical thinking or free association. All this cerebral energy can enable productivity on detailed analytical tasks as well as open-ended creative endeavors. In certain circumstances, it can also exert some sensory distortion, leading to mild hallucinations or feelings of time dilation.

After about an hour, depending on dosage, Mint Chocolate Chip’s vibe gradually transforms into a deep body stone. A tingling feeling starting at the nape of the neck and trickling down through the spine and core may release any lingering knots, and help facilitate deeply and restorative breathing. Unfortunately, its relaxing effects may undo some of the strain’s earlier motivation and energy. As such, the strain’s later stages are best reserved for lounging at home with a good movie and some snacks. Because of its two-phase high, Mint Chocolate Chip is recommended for afternoon through evening consumption, when it can be properly appreciated.

Mint Chocolate Chip’s versatile high can also be of use to medical cannabis patients. The surge of mental focus can help those with ADD to concentrate more effectively. Additionally, this strain’s ability to improve mood can temporarily press mute on the difficult symptoms of mild to moderate stress or depression. Physically, Mint Chocolate Chip soothes all kinds of aches and pains, whether due to temporary inflammation or to chronic pain conditions like arthritis or lupus. This hybrid’s ability to induce the munchies makes it a decent appetite stimulant for patients dealing with diminished hunger. Because it comes with an elevated risk of disorienting “mind race”, it should be consumed with caution by patients who are prone to paranoia or panic.

Hybrid – 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 18%

Mint Chocolate Chip is an evenly balanced hybrid (50% indica/50% sativa) strain created through crossing the delicious SinMint Cookies with the infamous Green Ribbon BX strain. This tasty bud packs the flavor you know and love from SinMint Cookies together with the energetic high of Green Ribbon for an amazing experience. Mint Chocolate Chip has a flavor you’d expect, chocolate nutty cookies with a punch of sharp mint! The aroma is a little different, taking on an earthy overtone with hints of rich spices and dank mocha as the nugs are burned. The Mint Chocolate Chip high comes on immediately after your first toke, smashing into your mind and launching it into a state of uplifted energy. You’ll feel motivated and focused with an urge to create. As your mind lifts higher and higher, your body will remain grounded in deep physical relaxation that is almost sedative in nature. Thanks to these full bodied effects and its high 18%+ average THC level, Mint Chocolate Chip is said to be perfect for treating conditions such as chronic pain, headaches, appetite loss, depression, and chronic fatigue. This bud has small round furry dark olive green nugs with orange furry hairs and bright white crystal trichomes.

For home growers, seeds of Mint Chocolate Chip can be purchased online and can be cultivated in controlled indoor conditions or outdoors in a hot, humid climate. Plants tend to have a short, bushy stature and can develop strong, sideways-growing branches; growers may need to trim away any broad fan leaves in order to allow for the flowering of any low-growing nodes. Mint Chocolate Chip flowers within 8 to 9 weeks and offers a high yield of buds at maturity.

Mint Chocolate Chip Flavor, Appearance, Aroma

mint chocolate chip

Fans of a super dense bud will love Mint Choc Chip for its pebble-like nugs of resin that are a dark green hue coated in furry orange hairs. This plant boasts a minty green aesthetic that takes over 80% of the plant, with small flowers and a generous coating of frosty white trichomes to finish the look off.

The plant itself gives off a fragrant sweet and slightly herbal aroma, with of course that all-important undercurrent of minty freshness. However, once broken up the nugs radiate a chocolaty aroma that is mouth-watering, and undoubtedly intriguing as the notes combine to create a sweet yet earthy smell.

The big selling point and the reason people go mad for Mint Choc Chip is its intriguing flavor, which is up there as one of the best we’ve ever tried! Complex doesn’t do this bud enough justice, with a range of notes combined, it will take even the most experienced cannabis users a while to figure out all the different tastes. Think hints of sweet chocolate, nuts, and citrus, all of which will take you on a journey of sweet discovery, before being sharply awoken by a hit of cool mint and an unusual spice that is undoubtedly a bit of a game changer!

Mint Choc Chip makes a perfect after-dinner treat, or when you’re really craving something sweet and dessert-like, but ultimately any cannabis lover will adore this. Exotic Genetix indeed went above and beyond your standard bud when they created this, and it is all in the taste!

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