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Purple Sunset from Ethos Genetics is a complex cross involving Purple Punch, Mandarin Sunset, and Mandarin Cookies. The fruity terpenes express notes of sweet, citrus, and even spice alongside floral berries. Purple Sunset offers a calming high that may help you wind down without feeling sleepy and completely lethargic.

Purple Sunset is a cross between Purple Punch and Sunset Sherbert. It is an easy to grow Indica dominant hybrid that will delight the grower with a high quality harvest, regardless of the experience level.

Purple Sunset produces well branched plants that adapt well to any cultivation type. It matures in 9 to 10 weeks of flowering, a stage where buds will be increasingly denser and will be covered with resin. At the same time the whole plant will acquire purple colour tones.

Purple Sunset produces a generous harvest of fleshy, resin coated flowers with a powerful and exotic aroma, a terpene profile that combines floral and fruity notes on a sweet background.

It has a relaxing and calming effect without being devastating, favouring good humour and a great laugh with friends.

All About Purple Sunset Weed Strain

sunset near me

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Purple Sunset is an Ethos Genetics’ cross that involves three quality strains: Mandarin Sunset, Purple Punch, and Mandarin Cookies. It contains fruity terpenes that deliver a citrus, sweet, and spice mixture of flavors and aromas.

This strain is Sativa cannabis phenotype. This fact as well as the THC of 21.5%, allows users to wind down without becoming lethargic.

Purple Sunset weed is ideal for daily and evening use since it eases away from the stressors and gives you a creativity flood. Such effects are also very useful if you suffer from mood swings, depression, chronic stress, anxiety disorder, or if you have mood swings, queasy stomach, and appetite loss.

Its bud has green, minty nugs covered with purple-tinged orange hairs. You’ll also notice a coating of white trichomes on the surface.

The harvesting period starts in about 8 weeks since it’s planted. It produces compact buds and requires minimal work during the harvest.

My cannabis use is mostly recreational outside of relieving an occasional hangover or stiff neck, but recently my sleeping schedule — one of the few areas of life that’s improved during the pandemic — was getting bumpy. Maybe it was allergies, maybe it was astrological shit that I don’t believe in, or maybe it was sucking down the final days of an HBO Max free trial. Exercise wasn’t relaxing my brain, and CBD oil couldn’t get the job done, either. I was ready for a skunky solution, and what better remedy than some greasy, hulking purple buds?

I know, colors don’t mean much in terms of effect, but anything labeled “Purple Sunset” is sure to put the lights out early, and it’s not like 2021 brought my first romp with the strain. The mix of Mandarin Cookies, Mandarin Sunset and Purple Punch (this may differ at the store, but all virtual versions have Purple Punch and Sherbet genetics) is a trio of power punchers that drop me on their own. Combining them all sounded like a guaranteed nap, and I’ll save the suspense: It is.

Purple Sunset’s reputation as a modern nighttime strain is already solidified. A long list of dispensaries carry it, and the strain is popular in both commercial and basement grows. User experiences vary on how quickly those sleepy waves hit, however: Creativity and a creeping bliss are both popular reported effects, but so are near-instant sedation and a foggy brain. I tend to fall into the latter category, sinking into whatever surface my ass has the pleasure of finding, without much thought of the future.

An insatiable appetite regularly accompanies the heavy high I get from Purple Sunset, keeping me locked inside — and stuck at the kitchen table if I’m not careful. This is a before-bed and post-workout strain at all times for me, and only used before 7 p.m. if I’m thirsting for a toke and have no other options. That said, users who appreciate the creative side of Purple Sunset would enjoy it in the early evening.

We’ve caught Purple Sunset at 1136 Yuma, A Cut Above, Botanico, Buddy Boy, Cherry Peak, the Clinic, Denver Dispensary, Emerald Fields, Golden Meds, High Level Health, Karmaceuticals, Levels, the Lodge, Lova, Mile High Dispensary, Oasis Cannabis Superstores, Solace Meds, Starbuds and Wolfpac Cannabis, as well as several more pot shops carrying the strain in concentrate form. Most of what you’ll see around town is grown by wholesale growers, but I prefer the in-house cut from the Clinic.

Looks: Spiky, dense and gleaming with resin glands, Purple Sunset’s concord-grape color and foxtailing buds look like a scoop of purple frozen yogurt underneath that thick layer of trichomes. Sure, the occasional nugs will stay forest green, but let’s be honest: We always want to see purple.

Smell: Sharp and sweet followed by an earthy, spicy fume, Purple Sunset smells like an overly sweet cup of mulled wine. Rich notes of grapes are cut by hints of orange and cloves, as well as a thin layer of floral characteristics.

Flavor: Those dirty, spicy notes display woody aspects fast out of the gate, which I didn’t anticipate but enjoyed, with grape, citrus and berries taking over and a skunky aftertaste lingering.

Effects: Purple Sunset’s effects definitely fall on the relaxation side, but are split in terms of how heavy they are. My high never strays from physical sedation, a hazy, aloof mind and a never-ending pit of hunger in my stomach, but other users report a more spiritual and creative high and slower cognitive decline.

Home grower’s take: “For how hard this hits, it’s actually pretty easy to handle in the grow. You just need to have patience, because I’ll wait well over two months before pulling Purple Sunset. Those trichomes are so visible, they’ll tell you when it’s time — but don’t let the way the buds grow trick you into waiting too long.”

Grow information

sunset near me

Purple Sunset is an indica-leaning hybrid that’s an easy plant to grow, even for novice cultivators. The cultivar produces strong, lateral branches and thick stalks that resist most pests and environmental hardships, making it a decent choice for indoor and outdoor gardens. Purple Sunset flowers in 63 to 70 days indoors and by mid-October outside. At full maturity, Purple Sunset develops deep violet coloring throughout the plant, while its flowers sparkle with a thick blanket of resin. 

Purple Sunset is available as seeds. Clones may be available directly from cultivators growing this strain. 

Indica Dominant Hybrid – 60% Indica / 40% Sativa

THC: 22%

Purple Sunset is a slightly indica dominant hybrid strain (60% indica/40% sativa) created through crossing the iconic Purple Punch X Mandarin Sunset strains. This deliciously potent beauty packs a punch of tasty flavors and delicious full-bodied effects that are perfect for any hybrid lover. Purple Sunset boasts a sweet fruity taste with hints of light florals and sour citrus, too. The aroma is very similar, although with a lightly spicy effect to it that’s released as the nugs are burned away. The Purple Sunset is just as delightful as the flavor, with relaxing overtones that are perfect for easing away your day-to-day stressors with ease. You’ll feel a lifted creativity flood your mind at the onset of the high accompanied by a sense of physical relaxation and calm. This soothing state isn’t sedative or sleepy; rather, it will leave you totally at ease. In combination with its high 22% average THC level, these effects make Purple Sunset perfect for treating those suffering from conditions such as chronic stress or anxiety, depression, mood swings, appetite loss or nausea and ADD or ADHD. This bud has beautiful long tapered minty green nugs with thin orange hairs, deep purple undertones and a coating of tiny sparkling white crystal trichomes.

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