The Snowland strain is a flavorful burst of fruit ecstasy that induces a cerebral high coupled with a soothing let-down. Buy Snowland Cannabis Strain using Cannabis Affiliate Program.

The Snowland strain is a relaxing yet invigorating high that is combined of both indica and sativa characteristics. LA Confidential, the parent of Snowland, gives its icy, quartz-like appearance. Snow Cap, on the other hand, contributes to its sativa tendencies with his genetics. An uplifting and euphoric high with a cerebral buzz results from this mix.

Snowland, despite being indica rather than sativa, has a strong sativa hit. It’s a fantastic pick-me-up after a long day at the workplace. While it may give focus and creativity energy, it also offers a pleasant and brisk let-down that leaves people feeling calm and carefree. It’s ideal for spending time with friends inside while flitting about the garden or going for a run.

What Is the Snowland Strain?

In a series of releases, the Snowland weed strain has changed its name to “The Prince.” It is an indica/sativa mix that traces its lineage back to generations of extremely potent strains. It’s no surprise that it has a following since it has ancestors in the Jack Herer and Afghani Indica families, which are well-known for being robust. Its complex genetics have given it great taste because it creates complex aromas and provides consumers with a high that isn’t harsh but is still heady.

It can take an extended time for the high to take effect. Users, on the other hand, may be astounded by its power once it does begin to work.

DNA Genetics’ Snowland strain is the brainchild of the Amsterdam crew. A strain of this sort is generally harsh and sharp in nature. Snowland succeeds in taking a detour and produces something pleasant and resonant instead of being harsh.

The high from this strain takes a while to kick in. Once it does, users may be impressed by its power. Snowland is a strain that pushes and delights smokers. Although it is adored by many smokers, it may not appeal to those looking for something more relaxing.


The Snowland strain has a wide range of aromas. With this one, no two smell experiences are the same. While pine and sandalwood are evident in many noses, others detect a refreshing citrusy character. It features pungent components of skunk and diesel with dollops of delicious fruit.

The odor is earthy and herbal, with a touch of dankness. Many people claim that the tinge of peppery heat balances it out. It does, however, have a hint of menthol, courtesy to its parent strain, the Snowcap strain.


The flavor of the Snowland strain is as complex as its scent. Users can identify a lot of pine on the exhale. Its woody aroma is then wrapped in its delightful, fruity undertones. It has an unusual blend of skunk and diesel with a zing of citrus that balances it out.

A hint of spice may be detected on the exhale, according to some fans. There’s also a note of mint and fresh lime.


Snowland’s buds are bursting with life. They have flecks of vibrant green, as well as other hues such as brilliant oranges and rich ambers. Its buds are big and covered with trichomes.

Snowland Strain Grow Info

Snowland seeds are robust and simple to grow. Despite the fact that it has sativa features, it has the genuine appearance of an indica. It can withstand weather conditions, making it a great choice for outdoor cultivation. It boasts a strong structure with a sturdy stem and tightly curled leaves. Snowland is mold and mildew resistant.

This strain is popular for its simplicity of growth, as well as its high yield. However, because to the plant’s height, it has large space needs. Growers should assess their layout and area with care. The Snowland strain reaches heights of up to 6 feet and requires some breathing room.

Snowland is a sturdy variety that produces a bushy plant. It has long, thin leaves and grows rapidly in dense clusters. Trimming and harvesting branches and leaves on a regular basis to enhance air circulation are required. They may need to use other methods to attain optimum growth. The Snowland strain is compatible with the SOG technique, as well as hydroponics.

Snowland thrives when exposed to lots of light, but it is resilient and can withstand temperatures as low as 56 degrees Fahrenheit. At around 7-9 weeks after planting, snowland is ready to harvest. Growers may anticipate up to 20 ounces per square meter indoors under ideal conditions and over 20 ounces per square meter outdoors if the environment permits.

THC Content

The average THC content is around 24 percent, according to some studies. However, according to other investigations, it can be as low as 15%.

CBD Content

The maximum content of CBD is 1%.

Medical Benefits of the Snowland Strain

Consumers of the Snowland strain have described how it helps to alleviate a wide range of symptoms. Consumers of Snowland claim that it raises mood, maintains good sleeping habits, and induces feelings of calmness. However, consumers have also discovered other ways to utilize it.

Tango was originally developed to assist military personnel. It has been shown in studies to increase focus and creativity, as well as appetite and pain treatment, among other things. According to users, it helps those who have experienced the symptoms of PTSD. It is also recognized for having an energizing effect.

Possible Side Effects of the Snowland Strain

There are a few possible Negative Effects and Reactions from using Snowland. Some users of this strain can get paranoid, have a dry mouth, and suffer from dry eyes. Dizziness may occur in a few persons.

Final Thoughts

The Snowland strain has a devoted following in several sectors of the cannabis industry. It’s incredibly potent, with uplifting effects that consumers adore. It’s an indica-dominant hybrid, yet many of its qualities are indica-dominant as well, including its robust structure.

The plant grows to be thick and sturdy. This is a throwback characteristic to its heritage. It’s the offspring of LA Confidential and Snowcap, two strains with robust and hardy stock. It also inherited a sativa energy that provides an ecstatic, buzzing, and invigorating high.

It’s the product of LA Confidential and Snowcap, two strains that have strong and hardy parents.

It is simple to cultivate because of its tenacity. It takes only 7-9 weeks before harvest, and it has a quick turn-around time. This strain needs a lot of room to develop, so cultivators should keep that in mind. Trimming the branches and giving it lots of light will ensure that this strain matures with an enormous yield.

This strain has a complex flavor profile that has been praised by consumers all around the country. It’s sweet, citrusy, fruity, and skunky with undertones of diesel, mint, and skunk. Its woody characteristics, such as sandalwood and pine, are also popular among customers.

Appreciated by many for its claimed effects, such as stress and anxiety relief and focus, this strain is also popular. The ability of this strain to alleviate muscular pains and uplift both spirit and mood is claimed by those who consume it.

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