The Lemon Meringue strain is an uplifting sativa-dominant cultivar with a flavor that is similar to the legendary pie for which it was named. It’s the product of two other strains, the Lemon Skunk and Cookies and Cream, so its dessert-like quality isn’t surprising. Because of its boosting and pain alleviating qualities, it’s an excellent strain for chronic pain and tiredness.

It’s no surprise that dessert is the world’s most popular meal, according to a poll. It’s practically certain that everyone on earth would respond, “dessert.” Who doesn’t enjoy a sweet treat at the end of a long day? Sugar is loved by everyone, so why not eat a full meal composed entirely of it?

In the food world, there is love. It’s not only in the culinary arts where this kind of affection exists; it also applies to marijuana. Sweet-tasting strains have long been appreciated by both novices and seasoned smokers alike, so seeking for new tastes is always a smart idea.

Lemon Meringue is one such strain, with a pungent flavor profile that includes tart citrus notes and a more sophisticated nuttiness, as well as a potent, uplifting mental high that stays true to its sativa description. Let’s look at this delectable cannabis plant not just for its own taste, but also for its effects and even its cannabinoid content.

What is the Lemon Meringue Cannabis Strain?

When you think of Lemon Meringue, however, you may picture a strong combination of both lemon and sweet tastes, as well as an intriguing crunchiness from the meringue.

This sensation is also represented in the strain’s lineage, which traces back to Lemon Skunk crossed with Cookies and Cream. These two strains are both sativas, as well as being some of the most famous sativa strains on Earth.

Lemon Meringue is the result of their collaboration, a sativa that perfectly combines the effects and flavor profiles of the two strains into one taste explosion sure to make every day better.

Lemon Meringue has typical effects of a sativa, such as an uplift in mood that can improve your mental outlook on life and make you feel like you can tackle anything.

This is bolstered by a significant boost in energy that compels you to get out and walk. You can’t help but feel like you should go for a run as soon as possible.

Nonetheless, the high is more comprehensive than a simple burst of energy. The Lemon Meringue high has a strangely motivational feeling about it that makes you feel like you can accomplish anything you’ve been putting off.

This energy is essential for mountain climbing or training for a 5k. As aforementioned, you don’t have to be an athlete to appreciate this strain; its mental boosting properties make it great as a medical therapy for people suffering from a variety of mental illnesses, or even as a mid-day pick-me-up.

This strain is comparable to a genuine lemon meringue pie in terms of taste, but it’s also good as a tiny snack during the day, providing you with a little energy boost that motivates you to complete whatever you set your mind to.

The high can boost your concentration and attention, making you a more productive person. You might also utilize Lemon Meringue to help you complete a creative task that has been delaying you. Just be cautious not to perform anything that would be damaged by being knocked over; the unshakable desire to keep going may cause your hands to shake and knock over your painter’s easel.

However, the actual reason you enjoy such a delicious dessert, and especially its namesake marijuana strain, is due to its wonderful flavor and scent.

Lemon Meringue Aroma

As the name suggests, the Lemon Meringue’s most noticeable scent is that of citrus and sweetness. It has a very lemony aroma, with a flavor that resembles freshly grated lemon rind. The scent is reminiscent of white and brown sugar combined to resemble a cookie dough that has been whipped with lemon.

However, there is an undercurrent of complexity to the aroma that goes beyond just citrus and lemon – it has a strangely nutty, earthy flavor that drifts into your nose.

When you break open a bud, the more complex odors come through much stronger. When you start burning this bud, you’ll be hit with a smell that is very reminiscent of diesel. This strain’s distinctive aroma may not be what you were expecting when smelling it for the first time; nevertheless, it will make an excellent addition to your garden.

Lemon Meringue Flavor

Lemon Meringue’s flavor is quite similar to that of a lemon meringue pie. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of eating a lemon meringue pie, you’ll be familiar with its characteristic tastes.

The lemon is tangy and citrusy, yet it doesn’t overpower. The complexity of the sweetness reminds me of freshly baked meringues, with a nutty undertone that tastes like a smooth combination between brown and white sugar.

The subtle molasses aftertaste that hits the back of your mouth as you take your first puff just adds to the intensity of this delectable strain.

However, the exhale is quite different. Instead of a nicely complex sweetness, there will be nuttiness, and strangely, a wonderfully sour taste that is extremely reminiscent of Sour Diesel, which many people are familiar with and adore.

The brilliant reputation of Lemon Meringue as a highly exciting strain is due to the second burst of flavor, which is sweet and delicious while still having sour and nutty characteristics.

It’s less surprising, but no less entertaining in terms of its looks.

Lemon Meringue Appearance

The appearance of this variety is surprisingly widespread. It has dark orange pistils that are only occasionally tinged with purple and leaves that are very bright green in color.

Despite the sophisticated intricacies of this strain’s flavor, scent, and effects, it appears to be just another ordinary cannabis plant.

This strain is also quite powerful and delicious, showing why you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover every time. So, if you want to grow some Lemon Meringue yourself, what should you do? Is there anything special you need to know?

Lemon Meringue Cannabis Strain Grow Info

Lemon Meringue is a good strain to start with because it doesn’t require any unusual skills or deep understanding to cultivate. It requires enough sunshine and a temperature of between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, just like all marijuana plants. Try to maintain the ambient humidity at a reasonable level since this strain does not tolerate dampness well.

This is simplest to achieve when growing Lemon Meringue indoors, but it can also be done outside with a little more effort. When it comes to pruning, you don’t have to go crazy; the only thing to note is that this strain has a propensity to grow tall, so keep an eye on it and trim off the tip of the plant growth whenever possible to promote lateral development.

Finally, you may tie the plant down if it grows in directions you don’t want; this is especially useful when you’re afraid to harm your plants or are attempting to direct their growth. Maintain a high nitrogen level in the soil and feed it on a regular basis.

Aside from that, the only thing to remember is that this strain, more so than most, requires complete drying. The rich and delicate tastes that make this crop so appealing are quite susceptible to being dried promptly following harvest, therefore keep your dehydrator on hand when harvesting your Lemon Meringue.

Lemon Meringue has a reputation as an extremely powerful marijuana strain with strong effects. Like all famous for strong effects cannabis strains, Lemon Meringue has a high amount of THC (18% to 20%). The average sativa content is about 13%, but some Lemon Meringue has been reported to have up to 23% THC, making it ideal for those searching for a potent strain that will affect them regardless of their cannabinoid tolerance. However, if you’re looking for a high CBD strain, you’ll be disappointed.

According to reports, Lemon Meringue contains a disappointingly low amount of CBD. You can anticipate up to 1% of the total CBD content, however most of the time it will be lower than that. There isn’t much space for cannabinoids in a bud! However, this does not negate the existence of any therapeutic advantages with Lemon Meringue.

Medical Benefits of Lemon Meringue Cannabis Strain

It is CBD that is getting all the attention as a drug these days, but high THC levels in a strain do not necessarily negate beneficial medicinal effects.

The most serious condition that Lemon Meringue can help with is Depression. This is due to the high THC content, which is great at stimulating CB1 receptors and triggering mood-boosting neurotransmitters to be released. Lemon Meringue’s main effect is to provide you with a strong and mystical motivation.

The ability to maintain a good mood is what distinguishes true happiness from the type that stems from external circumstances. True happiness comes from within, and it can be found through an internal source of motivation. The same principle applies here: When you’re too busy moving and thinking about it, being tired is quite difficult.

Finally, if you’re having difficulties with persistent pain, Lemon Meringue has a soothing flavor that can help you get rid of any and all persistent aches and pains. Unfortunately, there will always be some unpleasant side effects when medicine has medicinal purposes.

Possible Side Effects of the Lemon Meringue Cannabis Strain

Lemon Meringue is a strain with a high THC level that does not have both dry eyes and dry mouth as the most commonly reported symptoms, making it one of the few marijuana strains with such a high amount of THC without having these two problems.

Although they are the most prevalent, you may experience other problems. In addition to these symptoms, there’s a high possibility of developing another severe side effect – anxiety. It’s a sick irony that while marijuana is frequently used to treat anxiety, it can also cause it.

Lemon Meringue is not for everyone. If you are prone to anxiety or have a difficult time dealing with negative thought processes, this may not be the strain for you. When new ideas and passionate energy enter one’s life, some people get anxious, so if this is unpleasant to you, it’s probably better to choose another variety.

Final Thoughts

Lemon Meringue is a typical-looking sativa with high THC levels and, as a result, is typically uplifting and energetic in its high. You can anticipate to feel joyful and productive at the same time, but it’s Lemon Meringue’s flavor that makes it so popular.

The distinct combination of its ancestors results in a complex and intriguing flavor profile for Lemon Meringue. Instead of being simple as it might be expected, the sweet and citrusy tastes are tempered by a strangely sour tone that is difficult to describe without trying it yourself.

While Lemon Meringue’s effects are enough to recommend it on their own, its distinct flavor makes it well worth the purchase.

Keep an eye out for Lemon Meringue if you’re searching for a really unique flavor experience, and enjoy dessert whenever you like with the lovely taste of lemon.

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