Afgooey is a hybrid flower that was developed from an Afghani landrace. It produces very typical indica effects and a pleasant high, as well as some woody, skunky tastes. You’ve probably heard of Afgoo before. It’s an exquisite, powerful indica bred from an Afghan landrace. The strain is also known as Afgoo, so keep your eyes peeled for either of these names at your local dispensary on your next trip. Buy Hibiscus Crunch Sativa to relax.

In this article, we go through everything you need to know about the Afgooey strain, including its taste, effects, medical uses, and more. Discover if this strain might be the one for you below. Try Hibiscus Crunch Sativa to make your day better.

What Is the Afgooey Strain?

The Afgooey strain is an indica-dominant (80%) hybrid. This cannabis strain was developed by combining an Afghan landrace with Maui Haze. You can imagine what happens when you combine an Afghani landrace and a Maui Haze.

The landrace indica strains provided a lot to this cannabis. The high hits fast, beginning in the face and neck after just a few tokes. Your face will feel warm and flushed as a result of the buzzy, numbing high, which will also spread to your limbs. This is definitely an indica body high rather than one for the mind.

After using a modest quantity of Afgooey, individuals with a high THC tolerance and a lot of expertise may just be able to stand up. Anything stronger, on the other hand, and it delivers a strong couchlock that will leave you pinned to the sofa. Even if you’re up and about, your brain will be too foggy to accomplish anything demanding.

As the high meanders on, you will grow weary. Your limbs feel heavy and tired, and you’ll sink into your bed to be lulled into a peaceful sleep. As a result, it’s ideal to drink Afgooey in the evening when you’re nearly ready to snooze.


The odor of Afgoo is quite complicated. Afgoo buds from high-quality growers will have a musky, moist earth scent. Expect some skunkiness beneath that, which will become more apparent as you crush the nugs.

The scent is woody, piney, and spicy with delicate undertones of cinnamon and pepper. If you don’t have a strong sense of smell, the skunky pungency might overwhelm you, so be forewarned!


The taste of the Afgooey is similar to that of the scent; it is mostly skunk, hash, and dirt. It has a rather traditional cannabis flavor profile. Inhale deeply enough, though, and you’ll be rewarded with a nice woodiness and undertones of pepper.

The woody taste on the exhale becomes stronger. It’s genuinely relaxing at this stage, compelling you to return for more puffs. However, keep in mind that Afgooey is a strong and powerful strain!

The Afgooey smoke, for such a pungent and hashy strain, is surprisingly smooth. Despite its delicious taste, it’s unlikely to leave you gasping for air.


The Afgooey strain is lovely to look at. Its leaves curl tightly as they develop and have a spring green color. The buds themselves, which may be spherical or almost conical in shape, are usually bright orange with trichomes. Because of its sticky nature, the name “Afgooey” comes from this strain’s covering of trichomes.

The nugs of this strain have crystal-like trichomes, which give them a silver tint. They also secrete sticky resin, making the experience seem very much like ‘goo.’

Afgooey Strain Grow Info

Previously, Afgooey was only available in clone form. However, Strain Hunters have started to sell Afgooey seeds. As a result, the popularity of this plant among home gardeners has risen dramatically.

The Great White Shark has a chemical composition that is similar to other strains of the same genus, indicating it’s likely not a strain for first-time growers. That being said, producing a plant with a high yield isn’t excessively difficult.

Afgooey thrives in a semi-humid environment with a temperature of about 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit outdoors. It can tolerate some changes to a certain extent owing to its landrace strains. Many growers prefer to grow it indoors, where it may also flourish well. Because this indica-dominant hybrid develops short and bushy, you don’t need too much room.

This strain performs well in a sea of green (SoG) or screen of green (SCRoG) set-up, according to cultivators. It may also be cultivated successfully in a hydroponic system. Indoor growers recommend using a 1000W HPS lamp.

If you’re lucky, the strain may yield up to 32 ounces per square meter when cultivated properly. The flowering period is about eight weeks long. To encourage improved growth and produce these large yields, top the plants.

The buds should be cured following the curing process. The finest aspects of the aroma and taste will be revealed if done correctly. Hang the buds for a week in a room with about 50 percent humidity to dry, then seal them in containers with 60 percent humidity for another week to cure. You’re ready to enjoy it now!

The THC concentration in Afgooey is quite variable. The average is around 16%, but samples have ranged from 14% to 28%. According to one lab, a sample of Afgooey was analyzed at 30.1% THC! That’s an astronomical amount, so be cautious when using it; go slow and low to ensure you stay within your restrictions.

Afgooey contains less than 0.2% CBD, but with a THC potency like this, it’s impossible to be much lower. With a THC concentration like this, you can expect less than 1% CBD.

Medical Benefits of the Afgooey Strain

Cannabis indica is one of the most potent strains available and can be used to treat a wide range of medical issues. It’s also been known to help with mental disorders such as stress, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). However, because Afgooey contains a high THC concentration that might cause paranoia, it should only be used under the supervision of a professional. If you have a low THC tolerance, you should avoid using Afgooey.

Furthermore, the high THC amount can provide anti-inflammatory benefits. It’s a popular strain for dealing with chronic pain like back discomfort as well as fibromyalgia symptoms.

Last but not least, Afgooey is popular among persons who suffer from insomnia. As a strong indica, it will put you to sleep in no time, leaving sleeplessness far behind. If you can’t fall asleep at night for whatever reason, give Afgooey a try.

Possible Side Effects of the Afgooey Strain

There are no major adverse effects of taking Afgooey, but it does have some minor ones. Dry mouth and dry eyes are the two most prevalent side effects, which come as no surprise. To combat this miserable pair, keep some water on hand.

Some of this strain’s other side effects are a bit more severe. After ingesting excessive amounts of Afgooey, some users may become anxious and suspicious. If you have a low THC tolerance, a propensity for paranoia, or are inexperienced with marijuana, you should avoid this product. Furthermore, to ensure that you don’t take too much medicine, stick to the lower end of the dosage range.

In extremely rare circumstances, individuals may feel nauseated or dizzy as a result of consuming too much Afgooey. This is more probable after ingesting an excessive amount of Afgooey.

Final Thoughts

The Afgooey strain is a wonderful example of a classic indica. Despite being a hybrid, Afgooey delivers excellent indica effects including a numbing body high and relaxation. Finally, it will put you to sleep gently. Afgooey is a strong strain with a lot of THC. When using it, keep in mind that you need to take precautions to avoid getting too loaded. That’s not easy when the taste is so good!

Afgooey has a skunky, earthy taste with undertones of pine deliciousness. Afgooey seeds are now available for purchase online, which has motivated many cultivators to try growing it. However, it is still quite popular, so you’re likely to encounter it in dispensaries. Look for this strain under the names Afgooey and Afgoo.

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