Black Beauty is a spectacular strain for those looking to try THCV in their bud, especially when combined with a modest THC content. It’s quite uncommon. Buy Lemon Meringue Pie Sativa to relax.

Despite its unusual scarcity, Black Beauty is one of the most recent years’ most significant cannabis inventions, owing to its lack of content and prohibitive cost. When you hear the phrases “Black Beauty,” many people would probably think of the book; however, in the marijuana world, it is known as one of the last few years’ most important marijuana advances. Despite its oddity, Black Beauty is a unique find that you should grab whenever you get the chance. Try Lemon Meringue Pie Sativa to make your day better.

This is due to its rich flavor profile and a lengthy list of effects, but also owing to the fact that it contains a distinctive THC and THCV composition. Even though this strain’s ancestors produced only pure CBD, it somehow generated a THC and THCV combination. So, what makes the Black Beauty marijuana strain so unique and popular? What does the presence of THCV in the mix signify?

What Is the Black Beauty Strain?

The illustrious history of Blue Dream has a lot to do with its legendary reputation. This strain was one of the few that survived a government operation intended to safeguard marijuana plants from seizure at Oaksterdam University in California, according to legend.

Black Beauty, according to the grower George Bianchini, began producing more THC than CBD after a few generations of manipulation and cross-breeding. This is why the strain has such cerebral potency as well as an almost knockout relaxation.

The CBGV’s presence enhances the THC’s potency and absorption rate, exaggerating the minor amount of THC in Black Beauty. Everything feels significantly stronger than you would anticipate, leading to a memorable high.

The first thing you’ll notice is a burst of energy and a flash of strong, clear focus. You’ll feel capable of getting up and doing anything you set your mind to, as well as feeling like you never need to sleep again. However, the energy and vitality of Black Beauty wear off over time, much like a caffeine high that sours quickly. It doesn’t entirely go away; instead, it’s offset by a more tranquil, almost sativa-like calmness.

You’ll have the impression that your spirits will be lifted for eternity, and that nothing could ever make you down. It’s quite psychoactive, almost psychedelic in potency, but it straddles the line before going overboard. The soothing relaxation that spreads through your body is restorative, leaving you with a full sensation of having just eaten a huge dinner. In fact, while under the influence of Black Beauty, you will be unable to consume any food.


The Black Beauty strain is famous for its unique cannabinoid profile, but it is also well-known for its complex and pleasant scent. Its beginning fragrance is characterized by tropical fruits and delicate blooms, but its complexity level approaches that of a fruit salad. A hint of spice can be detected at the edge of its fragrance, although it becomes apparent as it progresses.


The first thing you’ll notice when the smoke of this black and powerful strain hits your tongue is that same pineapple aroma. It’s all-encompassing yet surprisingly intricate, but it also has a lot more tastes once you start breathing.

On the intake, you may experience vivid bursts of grapefruit, papaya, and even a hint of licorice over your taste buds. It’s overall quite sweet in flavor, with the same refreshing, almost cooling feeling that comes from sipping a tall glass of fruit juice.


The Black Beauty strain is, as the name implies, rather stunningly black. It isn’t truly black, but rather a dark purplish red. While the plant grows normally, its blooms develop into a beautiful almost tropical birdlike plumage that takes on an eerily black appearance in the dying rays of light.

With soil, this plant produces buds that have a wonderfully blackened look, almost like little nuggets of coal. However, owing to the number of golden pistils in the mix, there is still some lightness to the coloration. Of course, if you want to see this strain’s intricate hues for yourself, you’ll need to cultivate it yourself.

Black Beauty Strain Grow Info

While cannabis plant growth is usually similar, there are a few that need specific expertise and know-how. The issue with learning this information, though, is that not enough people are aware of it. Because to its scarcity, finding Black Beauty strain seeds to cultivate your own is almost difficult. This implies that only a few individuals have any understanding on how to produce this special type of cannabis. However, the majority of the growing instructions should be comparable to those of its parent strains.

To begin with, because of its genetics, you will almost certainly have to regularly trim it to prevent it from outgrowing itself and falling over. You may discover your Black Beauty plant breaks at the stem, leaving you with no harvest after all your effort.

The majority of customers are seeking for one specific thing: the gorgeous coloration on the buds as they flower. However, this does not just happen on its own; it requires some temperature swings to take effect.

If you’re cultivating Black Beauty indoors, set the temperature to a much colder one than you think the plant would enjoy overnight during the final two weeks before harvest. As a result of this, the dark purple coloration in the bud and a stronger taste will develop.

The high THC content of Black Beauty cannabis is not well known, as most of the time you will not find more than about 7% THC in any sample.

The yield of THC was more than double the expected amount, reaching 8.8%, according to initial analyses when this plant was being developed. The producer thinks that as generations of cross-breeding progressed, the THC content decreased, allowing for a higher concentration of uncommon cannabinoid THCV.

Black Beauty was a popular kind of cannabis plant widely used in the United Kingdom at least into the mid-1990s. It had been widely known as a sort of starter strain that included some CBD since its initial commercial release. Typically, it contained approximately 3% CBD.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is the one cannabinoid that has remained largely bred out, in favor of a large amount of THCV. Instead, you can anticipate approximately 3% THCV, which heightens the effects of the little quantity of THC present in this strain.

Medical Benefits of the Black Beauty Strain

The Black Beauty marijuana strain is particularly well-suited for the treatment of severe pain due to its low quantities of THC. However, because it does not have as much THC as other more powerful strains, it falls short in comparison to them.

Black Beauty’s THCV content, on the other hand, is what makes it a medical marvel. While studies are still in progress regarding THCV, certain research suggests that it has the ability to treat type 1 diabetes and obesity.

Caffeine, which is found in coffee and black tea, has a thermogenic effect that aids weight loss by suppressing your appetite. It can also help people who are overweight or ill. Not only does it keep you away from the munchies, but it may also aid in the treatment of diabetes.

Even though there’s a lot more to learn about this new cannabis chemical, it’s still in its early stages. That being said, Black Beauty is an excellent strain to explore THCV with. It also has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, making it a great all-purpose medical strain.

Possible Side Effects of the Black Beauty Strain

When it comes to cannabis side effects, keep in mind that some of its medical advantages might be a consequence if you don’t want them.

If you are not attempting to lose weight or are underweight, having your hunger suppressed might be harmful. So be sure you’re ready for the almost overwhelming sensation of total satiation – you won’t want to eat much longer.

The Black Beauty strain isn’t the type of cannabis to worry about. There is little else to be concerned about when it comes to the Black Beauty strain. You won’t even really notice strong dry mouth or dry eyes thanks to its minimal THC level.

The only danger is the transition from powerful, inspiring energy to hallucinatory relaxation halfway through the high. If you aren’t ready for it, you may be caught unprepared when your attention wanders. It’s not a big deal if this is drawing or painting something; however, if you were cooking anything and forgot to turn off the stove, things might get messy.

Final Thoughts

The Black Beauty strain is a fantastic illustration of cannabis breeders’ creativity and meticulous cross-breeding work. While most consumers just want a high-THC marijuana strain with potent psychoactive effects, there is always more to discover and explore.

Black Beauty is a new type of cannabis, with several exciting effects and surprising medical applications. In any case, Black Beauty is worth it if you appreciate physical features; no other strain comes close to matching this strain in terms of darkness or color variety.

So, whether you’re looking for THCV or just want to appreciate its gorgeous hue, pick up some Black Beauty as soon after you see it as possible. After all, because of its scarcity, it might be your only opportunity.

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