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Bloodhound is the obscure cross of Huckleberry Hound and Guard Dawg (by RedEyed Genetics). This genetic coupling was motivated by the desire to preserve the beautiful foliage and tartness of Huckleberry Hound while co-opting Guard Dawg’s potency. With a decent yield and THC percentage upwards of 24%, this strain smells of tart fruit intermixed with an earthy chocolate fondue flavor.

Although Bloodhound is a hybrid strain, the Chemdawg lineage of it’s Huckleberry Hound parent predominates in its heady, cerebral high. We picked this particular grow up from Irie Farm, and it’s truly a beauty to behold. This flower presents small buds that are extremely dense and positively coated in the thickest sugar of trichomes we’ve seen cross our doors, with a dense network of thick orange hairs. The Bloodhound strain’s aroma is spicy and herbaceous, evident without being overwhelming, with mild topnotes of tartness and fuel.

The effects of the strain take time to develop, but build into a predominating potent head-high with subdued body effects that are barely noticeable after the Bloodhound gets its grip on your mind. The effects tend strongly towards the cerebral euphoria typical of an indica, despite the strain’s hybrid lineage.

Bloodhound marijuana strain is a balanced Indica-Sativa marijuana hybrid. The herb is not for the faint of heart as it has over 24% THC count. Beginners should proceed with caution and be mindful of the dose. Bloodhound cannabis plants reward with huge yields of resin-coated buds, with hints of purple and pink. They boast a strong skunk-spice aroma. Bloodhound marijuana is good for day and evening time use.

About Bloodhound

Mellow in nature and a breeder favorite, this super obscure indica-dominant strain is one that took RedEyed Genetics a lot of elbow grease to get perfect, and boy did they succeed. By crossing two of their first generation strains, Huckleberry Hound and Guard Dawg, RedEyed Genetics created a strain that carries the bright coloring and tart flavors of one parent, while boasting the potent but uplifting personality traits of the other.

The genetic blending of Bloodhound is said to be motivated by the desire to pass on the tartness and rich foliage of Huckleberry Hound and the potency of Guard Dawg. In doing so, they’ve managed a THC level that reaches above 24% on average and a bud that smells so beautifully fruity it would be hard not to love. The flavor palate of this dense and resinous flower is somewhat all over the place, with tart fruit and chocolate overtones and skunky, almost dirt-like undertones.

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Bloodhound offers a quick onset with an almost instant buzz that starts in your head with an uptick in joy and euphoria. After just one hit you’ll feel that upbeat, giggly sensation making its way to your limbs, eventually relaxing your body into a super chill state. The tingles that wash over you bring with it a rush of focus and energy that may put you in a productive mood. This strain is not recommended for new or novice users as it has a tendency to get ahead of you fast and can be cough inducing.


This plant is fairly easy to care for if you have some experience under your belt. For growers who are less experienced, this scenario might be overwhelming as the plant has a tendency to stretch early and sprout rather quickly. This self-flowering strain has a grow cycle of 8 to 9 weeks and has an above average yield for both indoor and outdoor systems.

This is a fantastic, easy going high that often leads to fits of giggles and good conversation. It’s a great choice for when you want to let your body fully relax and let a euphoric buzz throttle your mind. Inexperienced users may want to steer clear from this rare bud, but for those that have more than one notch on their belt this is a great strain to take for a spin.

Bloodhound is a cross of both our first generations of Huckleberry Hound and Guard Dawg. It was made with the effort to combine the Guard Dawg’s potency with the dominant color traits of the Huckleberry Hound. The strong chocolate Kush aroma from the Guard Dawg lends itself well to the acrid floral tones of the Huckleberry producing flowers that show the best of both worlds. She tends to yield dense and resinous flowers with a pungent aroma, most often growers find the aromas to be skunk and spice dominate and are often described as a “shoe store” smell. The bloodhound F1 has a tendency to stretch early in flower but is fast to finish. Expect to see more than half of your females expressing color in content hues of pink, red and purple.



Bloodhound marijuana induces energetic, happy, uplifted, talkative, and relaxed feeling. It may also also help relieve the following medical symptoms: stress, depression, pain, fatigue, and headaches. You may have dry eyes, , , and as side effects.

Please note that the effects vary from person to person, but based on our data and data from websites such as Leafly and Hytyiva below are the most consistent effects among users.

May Help Relieve

Because of its wide variety of effects, Bloodhound weed is suitable for assisting with a number of medical ailments, conditions, and symptoms. Overall, Bloodhound is considered most suitable for helping with those who are suffering from stress, depression, and pain.

Side Effects

Unsurprisingly, the most common side effects that have been reported from Bloodhound marijuana include dry eyes, , and . If you are experiencing these effects, be sure to stay hydrated and drink plenty of fluids.

Cannabis Strain Summary

User rating4.3 / 5
THCUnder review
CBDUnder review
FlavorsEarthy, Sage, Spicy/Herbal
EffectsEnergetic, Happy, Uplifted
May RelieveStress, Depression, Pain
Side effectsDry Eyes, ,

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