The Casey Jones strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid that gives you a lot of energy. So energetic, in fact, that it’s been called one of the greatest wake-and-bake strains available. It has a sweet and fruity flavor profile with an interesting citrusy and lemony note. Casey Jones can assist with a number of symptoms, including chronic pain and tiredness. The Casey Jones strain honors the legendary railroader who sacrificed his life to save a train full of passengers. On April 30, 1900, disaster struck while Casey Jones was working for the Illinois Central Railroad.

On July 10, 1900, a freight train Jones was riding on collided with a stalled freight train near the town of Vaughan in Mississippi. Instead of trying to flee from danger, Jones nobly stayed on board the train and slowed it down. He prevented passengers from harm and probable death by doing so. Jones was the only person on the train who died; he has been memorialized through this exceptional cannabis strain in addition to being remembered through a ballad composed about him by his buddy Wallace Saunders.

What Is the Casey Jones Strain?

Casey Jones marijuana is a sativa-dominant hybrid, created by crossing Sour Diesel, Thai, and Trainwreck (whether that’s appropriate or in poor taste is up to you). Billy Goat Seeds produced an Oriental Express cross of a Thai Sativa and Sour Diesel.

The epitome of a fun, feel-good marijuana strain is the Casey Jones. It has been called one of the finest ‘wake and bake’ choices available. The high from the Casey Jones strain is euphoric, but it is not overpowering.

Many people value the energy provided by this strain. Users report feeling focused when using this strain, and a desire to be more productive. Casey Jones strain users frequently use it in the morning or as an afternoon “pick me up” because of its effects.


The Casey Jones strain has a relaxing and smooth lemon scent that can lift your spirits before you even light up. The unique stench of the casey jones comes from the mix of sweet bubble gum, potent diesel, and floral notes.


If you enjoy the fragrance of the Casey Jones strain, you will like its flavor. Sweet and fruity undertones combine with citrusy tastes. The sweetness is most apparent on the inhale, while the sourness of the lemon lingers on the exhale.


Casey Jones has a nice look to it. It is covered with trichomes after harvest, which are incredibly resinous and sticky. Breaking up a nug is similar to handling honey because of the stickiness.

The plant’s appearance is distinctive thanks to the brilliant-redish-orange pistils that grow all over its surface. When it reaches full size, a Casey Jones plant is classified as medium in stature and typically grows to 65 inches tall.

The buds are so dense that after drying and curing, they appear to be a single nug. Some people claim that this strain produces excellent butane hash oil or another type of concentrate.

Casey Jones Strain Grow Info

You should have no trouble growing Casey Jones seeds once you obtain them. It’s perfect for both new and seasoned gardeners. It thrives under any condition if properly nurtured. When cultivated in soil or a hydroponic system, it performs well.

If you want to cultivate Casey Jones outside, choose a dry and temperate Mediterranean climate. It should be ready for harvesting by the middle of October if grown outdoors in a dry and temperable Mediterranean climate. The flowering period is 9-10 weeks long indoors, yielding approximately 14 ounces per square meter planted.

We recommend using a low-stress training method to get the most out of this strain. It’s also critical to maintain its form by trimming it on a regular basis. The Sea of Green (SOG) or Screen of Green (SCROG) methods may be used with Casey Jones plants. Because it is highly sativa-dominant, it needs some training, particularly during the flowering stage, when it grows significantly.

This strain has a lot of different phenotypes in the market, and the THC concentration can range from 15% to 22%. Casey Jones’ CBD content is modest, with an average of 0.2 percent. As a result, the THC/CBD ratio may be as high as 100:1.

Medical Benefits of Casey Jones Marijuana

This type of marijuana has a lifting and euphoric effect that might help to relieve the symptoms of depression or anxiety for a time. This strain is used to treat headaches, cramps, muscular spasms, and back pain among other things. Cannabis users who are tired of feeling lethargic claim that this strain provides them with a quick energy boost.

Possible Side Effects of Casey Jones Weed

Cottonmouth and dry eyes are the most typical side effects of the Casey Jones strain. Because the Casey Jones strain has a high THC concentration, some people have experienced increased anxiety and paranoia.

Users report feeling dizzy, or having a small headache after taking this strain. As a result, novices should be careful about how much they take to avoid experiencing these uncommon but unpleasant negative effects.

Final Thoughts

The Casey Jones strain has a wonderfully delightful and sour flavor, as well as uplifting and invigorating effects. So powerful is this effect that the Casey Jones strain is considered to be one of the greatest “wake-and-bake” strains accessible. This strain’s name may be deemed offensive, but most people believe it tastes fantastic.

It’s also a simple cannabis plant to maintain. It is resistant to insects and most molds, and it does not require any special feeding regimen. We’re confident that you’ll enjoy the stimulating effects of this strain whether you cultivate it yourself or acquire it from a dispensary.

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