Cheese Quake is a reliable, if unique strain. It should be consumed while out with friends or relaxing at home with a favorite movie. When it comes to cannabis, the flavor of cheese isn’t the first thing that springs to mind; neither does a tangy, salty, or savory odor typically go hand-in-hand with relaxing marijuana effects. Buy Green Lantern sativa to relax.

However, after you delve deeper into the world of marijuana, you discover that there are a lot of cheese strains. Cheese Quake is one of the finest representatives of the Cheese family, but what sets it apart from the pack? Here’s all there is to know about Cheese Quake strain, as well as what to anticipate. Try Green Lantern sativa to make your day better.

What Is the Cheese Quake Strain?

Cheese Quake cannabis is a hybrid strain developed by The Dank Seeds, which was initially known for its Cheese Train. The breeders are recognized for their previous potent cannabis creations such as Conspiracy Kush. Cheese Quake is all about delivering a concentrated high with rich flavor.

Cheese Quake’s high will pierce your ears and leave your head somewhat numb fast. You’ll notice that you’re feeling really pleased with yourself, as well as noticing that all of your senses have been enhanced.

The citrus flavor began to fade and give way to a sweet scent that was much more pleasant after about an hour, at which point the effects hit me. The most common experience is euphoria, but there are also feelings of relaxation, calmness, and physical lethargy. The high becomes a pleasant, calm, and numb feeling that envelops your entire body.

Back to simplicity. Take a few moments to lean back and relax, with no particular goal in mind other than sitting and appreciating the world around you or, perhaps more fascinating yet, watching a really stunning film.

Cheese Quake is a wonderfully productive and strong sativa that maintains its alertness as well as any other strain. Its high, which isn’t excessively sedative or heavy-inducing, allows you to get up and walk about without feeling drowsy or locked in. It makes Cheese Quake an ideal strain for outdoor activities like hiking, going out for the evening, or just cozying up with your partner.


This is a powerful, intense flavor kind of strain. You’ll notice a strong hit of tanginess as soon as you smell Cheese Quake. Of course, there’s enough cheesiness, but the primary odors are those of strong, tangy sourness.

Second, the fruits were not properly fermented and there was also evidence of fermentation in progress from other batches. The flavors are somewhat sour grapes, as well as some indeterminate berries that linger on the tongue.


The flavor of this strain is quite comparable to its scent, with the exception that the cheesy taste is more apparent. It isn’t a specific type of cheese, but rather a sort of general cheesiness that stays on your tongue and lasts throughout the day.

Be careful with the smoke of this strain, as it can tend to burn your eyes and leave you wincing from its potency.


The Cheese Quake plant and buds are rather normal; it has a typical, dappled green color. There is a lot of brilliant orange pistils, as well as the potential for some of the buds to produce little amounts of purple pigment.

This bud is rather typical in appearance, and while it doesn’t immediately suggest how powerful or pleasant it will be, it does not look particularly potent or nice.

Cheese Quake Strain Grow Info

Cheese Quake is a very forgiving strain to cultivate, as it can endure most temperatures and climates without issue. Getting Cheese Quake seeds is straightforward: purchase them from the growers directly or at TGA Genetics. It grows well both in and outside, but it needs slightly more light than most other strains.

The need for frequent topping is the most important thing to bear in mind when producing your own Cheese Quake. The process of cutting off the plant’s extremity at this time helps to ensure that it develops properly. It also encourages wider laterality, which enhances bud production.

THC and CBD Content – Highest Test

Cheese Quake cannabis is well known for its potency and can offer up some pretty significant highs thanks to its decent quantity of THC.

The highest THC content found in this variety is around 22%, which is more than enough to overcome even the most tenacious of resistances and leave novices feeling overwhelmed. So, make sure you only consume as much Cheese Quake as you can handle!

Cheese Quake, like other exceptionally potent cannabis strains, contains almost no CBD. The majority of tests come up with less than 1% CBD concentration, so don’t expect to notice any CBD while using this strain.

Medical Benefits of the Cheese Quake Strain

Cheese Quake is commonly used to treat mental disorders, especially depression and anxiety. People who are overwhelmed by too much stress or anxiety may benefit from Cheese Quake because of its high THC concentration and genetics.

It’s also popular among individuals with ADHD who want to enhance their attention. Furthermore, because of the high THC levels in this strain, it can help to alleviate pain, especially when caused by injuries or persistent illnesses.

Possible Side Effects of the Cheese Quake Strain

Cannabis contains a variety of negative side effects. The most significant ones to be aware of are dry mouth and dry eyes. These two symptoms, which are easily addressed by some eye drops and a tall glass of water, have plagued marijuana users for decades. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water, and don’t let them get to you.

The next significant thing to consider is the risk of headaches, but this will only really happen if you smoke too much Cheese Quake at once.

Final Thoughts

Cheese Quake is a Cheese strain that has quite a few delectable and potent varieties. This is a strain to keep on hand for special occasions with friends, as it may provide some truly outstanding highs and some really delicious tastes. Cheese Quake will assist you improve almost any occasion, whether resting at home or going out on a date with your partner.

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