Cherry Kush is a potent hybrid strain that provides both soothing and invigorating effects. Users have stated that the feeling of being buzzed throughout their body and mind occurs.

The Cherry Kush strain, sourced from California’s finest growers, offers a cerebral high with an uplifting feel. It will bring about mood-altering chemicals for hours at a time and is great for both solo or group gatherings.

When in California, though it may occasionally be called Cherry Pie or mistaken for other strains of Cherry Kush, this strain is actually a different type of cannabis.

Cherry Kush is a hybrid, which traces its roots to Durban (F1 x Durban Poison) and Grand Daddy Purple, both of which are also distinct strains.

What is the Cherry OG Strain?

Cherry OG is a strain of weed that mixes the best features of several prominent strains. This isn’t necessarily pure, but it may have positive impacts for some people. The blend reads like a who’s-who of marijuana strains.

Cherry OG tends to have a full-bodied kick, with THC content at 20%. The high is edgy and sublime, but not as harsh as other strains. It provides an energizing rush that can be slightly dichotomous: getting the weed going one second (with a smooth let down), then providing a sudden burst of energy after only the first hit in another second.

Cherry OG brings together the best qualities of two worlds. This potent strain has a higher high than some other strains, but also makes you more relaxed and able to concentrate on your work and creative endeavors.

The Cherry OG strain is a 22% THC-heavy cannabis flower that, curiously, has hints of CBD at 1%. It flowers quickly and is favored for its easy growth and robust yields.


Cherry OG is known for its distinctive but pleasant scent. The deep, dank earthiness of the strain comes through in some instances, but it’s fruity and sweet with hints of cherry and diesel mixed in. There’s also a candied/dulcet aspect to this cannabis that has slight sour or tangy notes without being too acrid at all times–those who try it appreciate its sweetness as well as other notes.


The Cherry OG strain tastes as good as it smells. The first draw is not only a cherry, hinting at blueberry and strawberry on the tongue. The hard-hitting taste of diesel surprisingly complements the sweetness and fruity flavor.

Although this may sound odd at first, hybrid tea is very refreshing when paired with fruit. One can also see hints of vanilla and sour citrus zest in the flavor profile. It finishes earthy on the palate.


The Cherry OG strain is intriguing because of its large buds and copious amounts of trichomes. This strain looks glossy, as if the plant was covered with sugar crystals and it has colors ranging from oranges to greens.

Medical Benefits of Cherry Kush

  • Most estimates average around 22% THC.
  • It has low CBD that comes in at about 1%.

Cherry Kush is a strain known for providing relief from anxiety symptoms and insomnia. Those who typically suffer chronic pain, muscle tension, or spasms may also find medicinal benefits in this potent contraband strain of cannabis.

  • Smoking Sour Tsunami will leave many feeling euphoric and uplifted, making it a great choice for people looking to avoid stress.
  • It has a Indica dominant genetic profile, which makes it an excellent choice for use as a nighttime strain.
  • Though not as potent as some medicinal strains, the relaxing body high of a good indica can offer relief for headaches and general aches.

Cherry Kush is a potent cerebral high that can help with symptoms of stress, anxiety, other minor chronic pains, and occasional bouts of depression. Cherry Kush’s appetite-boosting effect starts to wear off as it wears down which usually leads to hunger. The only downside for this strain is its limited CBD content; therefore does not work surprisingly well on suppressing seizures at the onset of an episode.

One of the symptoms a person will experience as the effects of Cherry Kush start to wear off is tiredness. This symptom can help people with sleeping troubles since it provides rest for their bodies so that they can recover.

Cherry Kush Effects

Spliff is a great choice for times when you’re looking to escape reality and relax. The initial effects are like cherry candy, but they quickly morph into earthy, hash aspects that provide pain relief. This starts off medicinally with cerebral and euphoric properties before slowing down to put you at ease (don’t be surprised if it sends you right onto the couch). We recommend using Spliff during the evening or nighttime because of its potency as an indica-dominant plant.

Cherry Kush’s high takes some time to kick in. If you wait 10 to 15 minutes after consumption, it finally hits your head-focused effects like a flush on the cheeks or increased salivation. Once you’ve adjusted, however, this strain reveals mental stimulation including waves of cerebral focus. Certain thoughts and concepts may take on more weight than they typically do and new connections can happen organically. Users usually feel this strain’s onset as a change in mindset; changes from happy-go-lucky to more task oriented. Some users also experience minor trippy psychedelic effects, including time slowing and altered depth perception. Cherry Kush contains depressant drugs that create a moody high. This form of cannabis can make you feel tired during the second stage as it has a psychoactive effect on your body. As such, mindful consumers who are using it recreationally might take a break from their active agenda and enjoy doing things slower like watching TV or socialising over food and snacks. The latter version is preferable for evening use because it does not induce sleepiness as quickly.

Adverse reactions

New users should avoid using strong cannabis strains, as these are often too intense for some people and can cause adverse reactions such as dry mouth and eyes. If you prefer to use a moderate strain of marijuana, then this will give you the same health benefits listed in our list of effects.

Unfortunately, once you take too much of a drug or dose more than your body can handle, it might not have the desired effect. For example, some people experience mild headaches and some may become dizzy. Occasionally there are also cases where people experience paranoia which is likely due to their body being exposed to more potent strains of Cherry Kush without warning.

This strain of marijuana is a fantastic choice for those wanting to experience the cerebral high that energizes and euphorically. It has a complex flavor, and you may experience both indica and sativa effects since it had ancestry from these strains.

The strain gives a euphoric high that is similar to other strains but without the sensation of mind-numbing, making it perfect for getting through the day. This makes this an excellent strain for hanging out with friends at night after work while winding down and can even be taken in the evening.

The combination of cherry, berry, sour and diesel flavors is popular because it provides notes from each category.

This blender is perfect for those who want to relax or get creative while doing little else. It should not add extra weight in your day-to-day routine if you are already heavy into relaxation and/or creativity.

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