It’s possible that the name Kandy Kush, or Candy Kush, was inspired by the video game. It will leave you gasping whether you’re a fan of the game or not. The scent of this plant is citrusy and pungent. It’s a Sativa/Indica mix with an even balance that has mild psychotropic effects as a result of its even proportions. Its sweet citrus smell with a light skunky flavor makes it perfect for unwinding.

The first-ever Western Slope Cannabis Crown was won by Rocky Mountain Remedies of Northwestern Colorado, which produced a Kandy Kush strain with a THC level of 15–21. This stress reliever and appetizer stimulant is one of North America’s most popular kinds, created using a 50/50 ratio that is typically associated with Indica dominance.

About Kandy Kush Strain

Kandy Kush is a mix of the OG Kush (Indica) and Trainwreck strain (Sativa). Kandy Kush, the first legal marijuana dispensary on the Western Slope of Colorado, won The Western Slope Cannabis Crown. Kandy Kush is an excellent indica with cerebral effects that uplift emotions and “munchies” while also producing a heavy, sluggish physical effect. This plant is often used to treat eating issues and nausea because it promotes hunger in users. The creators of Kandy Kush, a Cup-winning hybrid strain created by combining two strictly indica and sativa plants, grew OG Kush and Trainwreck to perfect their own cup-winning strain called Kandy Kush. Their goal was to marry the flavor of OG with the Trainwreck’s durability.

Trainwreck and OG Kush have different sweet, lemony smells. The sweetness of these strains comes from one branch, which generates excellent commercial yields while also producing resin. THC levels average around 15-21%. It’s a creep because the high takes several minutes to work. It begins in the brain and activates cerebral activity, which lifts people’s spirits and expels bad ideas from their head. The high then moves throughout the body, relaxing tense muscles while leaving you drowsy. This is a good way to unwind or in moderation after work.

Kandy Kush’s effects are said to generally begin with a powerful sense of focus and increased energy. The sativa characteristics may lead to an emotional emphasis without causing drowsiness.

Kandy Kush’s calming effects may put new users under the influence of its powerful analgesic properties. They could be tempted to take a few more puffs simply for fun. However, once you feel Kandy Kush’s sedative-like side effects go through your body, you’ll probably want to curl up in a comfortable location and forget about everything else going on around you.

Kandy Kush Effects

When individuals are stressed or worried, they frequently employ a variety of strategies to divert their attention. nEven if you try something new to distract your attention, your mind is wandering, and your body remains tense. One puff is enough for people with a low tolerance level to achieve a soothing mental state. Otherwise, it might become unpleasant, forcing consumers to fall asleep on the sofa.

Kandy Kush is one of the most powerful medical marijuana if you’re looking to relax. When you walk into the meditation chamber, your thoughts begin to quiet down and your spirit unwinds. Cannabis can reduce tension in your body, thus it’s frequently used at the end of a long day when you’re ready to unwind.

Prepare to feel blissful or serene. You could also imagine you’re giggling a bit. The drug’s sedative qualities begin to take hold on your body with each puff. Puffs come one after the other, and before you know it, you’ve gone motionless or zoned out.

Kandy Kush may help people who have trouble eating enough. However, if reduced eating is caused by other Kandy Kush side effects, individuals should exercise caution when using it.

Kandy Kush is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that produces euphoria. This condition may be described as both chill and engaging, with an Indica leaning. It can produce powerful body highs that might lead to couch-lock.

Kandy Kush is a night strain since it affects most people by producing dopamine that results in intense cerebral effects followed by a heavy, time-stopping body high. Kandy Kush’s positives last for 2 to 2.5 hours which makes it the perfect late evening smoke.

Kandy Kush Fragrance

The name “Kandy Kush” derives from its sweet fruity fragrance, which is similar to that of sweets. The powerful scent of Kandy Kush contributes to its popularity among medical marijuana patients.

Kandy Kush Flavors

Kandy Kush is a sweet berry candy flavor with a touch of citrus, and it has an intriguing combination of tastes. If you like playing Candy Crush and do so frequently, Kandy Kush is for you since not only can you smell it, but also taste the cannabis.

Kandy Kush Appearance

The appearance of Kandy Kush, on the other hand, may vary but is usually thought to have an indica-dominant structure. The bud’s form might range from more circular-shaped (like as OG Kush) to somewhat oblong-shaped (similarly as Trainwreck), although most phenotypes are small plants with huge buds.

Kandy Kush Medical Use

  • The average THC level of Kandy Kush is 18%, but it can reach as high as 21% in some phenotypes.
  • Like most strains that have high THC content levels, Kandy Kush contains only trace amounts (if any) CBD. The CBD content is reportedly below 1%.

Furthermore, Kandy Kush is known as the king of stress relievers because of its calmative effects. Despite not having a high THC content when compared to other strains, the soothing effect has made it a popular choice among individuals coping with anxiety and everyday stress.

Kandy Kush is a potent pain reliever that works by reducing inflammation. It’s great for those who suffer from chronic pain since it has an anti-inflammatory component. It also has numbing effects to help with moremundane types of discomfort, such as menstrual cramps.

Kandy Kush can aid in the treatment of depression and anxiety, which are frequently linked. Although marijuana may be useful in treating anxiety and sadness, it should only be used for therapeutic purposes.

Depression, on the other hand, has been shown to have a detrimental influence on one’s physical health. Kandy Kush does not cure cancer directly. It might aid with the bodily signs by alleviating the source of the problem, at least temporarily.

It’s especially beneficial for insomnia and other sleep problems, which is why it’s often used as an evening strain. The soothing smoke is helpful in relaxing you quickly so you can fall asleep swiftly.

This strain may be an effective answer for those patients looking to address a variety of medical symptoms.

  • The herb, oregano, is useful for anorexia, nausea, and lack of appetite.
  • Moderation is crucial when consuming baked good made with cannabis flower.
  • International travel can be a daunting task, especially for parents traveling with kids.
  • This strain is popular for helping with sleep, especially among those who experience pain that interrupts their sleep.

Kandy Kush Effects

Kandy Kush is a powerful strain with a high THC content, and you only need a small amount to feel its effects. It will make you pleased by boosting dopamine levels while reducing anxiety and tension. This kind of cannabis stimulates a strong appetite, making it an excellent choice for people who want to regain their hunger during illnesses. When combating mental health problems such as chronic stress and anxiety, Kandy Kush can be beneficial.

A mixed physical and euphoric high

This strain, unlike others with a strong stone effect due to the mix of Indica genetics and physical effects, has both physical stoniness and euphoric highs. Candy Kush is gaining popularity for its unique combination of uplifting and deeply soothing effects. The Sativa components of this plant help to balance the side effects, allowing patients to feel both relaxing and energized at the same time. The most effective medical uses for this strain are as a stress and pain relief. Since the low CBD content helps regulate the sedating effect, this strain can help relax users without knocking them out completely.

Kandy Kush Side Effects

Kandy Kush has a lot of benefits, but it also has relatively few negative effects. Dizziness, anxiety, and travel headaches are all unlikely but possible adverse reactions.

When you travel, you run the risk of developing dry eyes and a dry mouth. Kandy Kush is a strong medical strain that will help to relieve anxiety in just a few hits. This sense of peace and pleasure will stick with you for many hours. If this sounds like the sort of effect you’re searching for, keep reading.

Regardless of your intentions and goals, Kandy Kush is a great strain to try. What could possibly go wrong? You’ll feel fantastic (both physically and mentally), have a nice meal, get a good night’s sleep, and my god, perhaps some dry eyes or a dry mouth!

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