The Chocolate Thai strain is a landrace with a twist, with undertones of chocolate and coffee. It’s a pure sativa that gives you an euphoric and creative high that lasts all day long. Buy Killer Kush Indica to relax.

Thai is the familiar name for a wide range of natural cannabis strains native to Thailand. This naturally occurring variety of cannabis was developed in Thailand’s warm, humid climate. It was smoked in Thai sticks, which were essentially marijuana buds wrapped in bamboo. A Thai stick might also be dipped into opium from time to time. Try Killer Kush Indica to make your day better.

Many other strains have been bred from the Thai landrace strain, one of which is Chocolate Thai. This sativa-dominant hybrid offers a wonderful sweet spin on Thailand’s original cannabis sativa. Aside from its taste, there’s a lot to like about the Chocolate Thai strain, so let’s learn more about it. Is it worth buying at your local dispensary? 

What Is the Chocolate Thai Strain?

Chocolate Thai weed is a popular strain for a variety of reasons. It’s a Sativa Pinnacle from the Thai landrace strains, meaning it evolved naturally without human intervention. While most marijuana strains have been developed by crossing different varieties over and over in an effort to obtain desirable traits, the Thai strain has remained untouched. As a result, it’s a 100 percent sativa, which is even more so because it’s in today’s cannabis market.

Chocolate Thai is a strain with a variation, which means it’s essentially the same plant but with a distinct mutation. In this instance, the variant gives an edible chocolate flavor that is mouth-watering. This classic cannabis variety has some well-known effects, although they are accompanied by outstanding taste.

Chocolate Thai has been blended with other strains to create Chocolate Thai, Purple Thai, and Chocolate Diesel. Because of its flavor, it is recognized as a parent strain since it adds a little sweetness and coffee aroma to the strains it creates.

Chocolate Thai is a pure sativa that has a fairly typical set of effects as compared to other strains. The heady high generally affects the mind rather than the body. It will make you feel uplifted and energetic, much like true sativa strains. Many individuals prefer to smoke Chocolate Thai as a wake-and-bake strain right after waking up in the morning. Its coffee smell, combined with its ability to help you focus on tasks while relieving anxiety and pain, makes it an excellent strain for your coffee cup.

The Chocolate Thai strain produces a pleasant, uplifting aroma that is both calming and stimulating. The high isn’t buzzy or overwhelming because to the fact that it has a low THC content. On the contrary, you will feel concentrated and productive. Chocolate Thai is ideal for when you have a long to-do list since it’s low in THC and therefore doesn’t produce a buzzy or overbearing high.


The Chocolate Thai strain has a mild pungent fragrance. The nuggets have a typical marijuana odor when sniffed directly from the plant, although it isn’t as strong as other strains with a strong scent. Instead, you must grind up the buds to get a sense of what’s next.

This strain has a chocolate scent, as you may have guessed. However, there is also a lot of coffee in there, which is stimulating on its own. Furthermore, aromas of earthy and pungent notes reminiscent of traditional cannabis varieties such as the original Thai phenotype are mixed together. The Chocolate Thai aroma is pungent and sweet with earthy undertones.


The dominant taste in this strain is, as you might guess, chocolate. The flavor and aroma are similar. For those who were disappointed by the scent’s subtlety, the Chocolate Thai flavor is much better and delivers a stronger punch.

On the inhale, you will notice the spicy notes that flash across your tongue, complementing the chocolate surprisingly well and balancing out the sweet. Chocolate Thai, on the other hand, has a classic marijuana woodiness on exhale. The flavor of Coffee Thai is enhanced by the herb and wood undertones that go well with it. All in all, Chocolate Thai is a delicious strain packed full of flavor. Those who try it often come back for more.


Chocolate Thai used to have a brown tint. It was considerably darker and less appetizing when it was cultivated in the wild as brick weed. Chocolate Thai is now a typical looking strain, with light green buds. Some may have mottled or shaded areas. Orange pistils thread through the nugs, sometimes peeking out from the outside. You may observe a scattering of glistening trichomes if you obtain high-quality cannabis.

The Chocolate Thai strain is a pure sativa that grows tall and thin as a result of its origins in Thailand. To avoid the stems from breaking, you may need to tie it down. What’s the easiest way to cultivate the Chocolate Thai strain?

Chocolate Thai Strain Grow Info

Chocolate Thai, despite being a landrace strain, is not as hardy as you may believe. It flourishes in an environment that is similar to that of Thailand’s weather patterns. If you don’t live in Thailand, you’ll need to cultivate Chocolate Thai indoors, and it doesn’t always do well under indoor conditions.

Your most important consideration is obtaining Chocolate Thai seeds before you make any of these options. Chocolate Thai was widely popular in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. It lost favor after new and distinctive strains were developed, and it’s only because growers like Drawoh keep it alive that it exists now. Today, there are just a few landrace breeders who grow Chocolate Thai.

Because the seeds are difficult to find, it’s not advised that you grow this strain. As a result, if you want to cultivate it, you’ll have a lot of trouble finding the seeds. You’re better off getting a clipping from a mature plant and going from there. This method even lets you skip the germination process, which can be great.

There isn’t much information about cultivating Chocolate Thai. It is, however, expected to bloom for a long period of time; this plant may take 94 days to be ready for harvesting indoors. It’s ready by the end of October either way, providing around 12 ounces per square meter indoors and 12 ounces per plant outdoors. This is relatively low when compared to other strains.

At the end of the day, Chocolate Thai is most likely not a great choice for growers since its seeds are so difficult to find.

Cannabis has been selectively bred to have more THC over time, as many marijuana users are aware. Chocolate Thai is an OG who has very little THC in comparison to contemporary strains. Most samples have a THC content of 12% to 16%, which is far lower than the late twenties of many strains. It’s this level of THC that produces the lovely effects of this strain, although it doesn’t overpower your senses like othersativas might. Chocolate Thai is also known as the ideal newbie sativa because it stimulates you rather than overwhelming you.

Chocolate Thai, on the other hand, has practically no CBD. This is typical of landraces and high-THC strains, so it’s not entirely unexpected. Even though there’s no CBD, MMJ sufferers can still benefit from Chocolate Thai because it contains a wealth of cannabinoids.

Medical Benefits of the Chocolate Thai Strain

This strain’s uplifting, sativa effects are particularly beneficial for treating a variety of medical issues. Chocolate Thai is frequently used by MMJ patients suffering from mood disorders. Whether you’re feeling down, sad, or nervous, Chocolate Thai is the ideal herb to lift your spirits.

Chocolate Thai is an excellent strain for boosting your mood. Expect to feel cheerful, happy, and maybe even giggly.

Another advantage of using Chocolate Thai is that it may help to relieve tiredness. Because it’s a well-known wake-and-bake strain, it’s perfect for use in the morning when battling mental fog. Smoke some Chocolate Thai and experience a surge of energy wash over you. It’s like an energy boost without the jitters or caffeine rush.

In reality, one of the main reasons people choose Chocolate Thai over a cup of coffee is for its improved attention. Many individuals claim to feel extremely focused and productive after taking this substance, allowing you to zip through your to-do list with your new energy. Chocolate Thai is ideal for creative activities.

Because of the increased attention, ADHD/ADD patients may benefit. Finding a marijuana strain that effectively treats people with ADHD is difficult; however Chocolate Thai appears to be a popular choice.

Finally, Chocolate Thai can assist you in alleviating mild discomfort. THC is an anti-inflammatory, and Chocolate Thai contains just enough THC to alleviate chronic pain while still being calming.

Possible Side Effects of the Chocolate Thai Strain

While each strain has its own set of characteristics, some may have negative consequences. Chocolate Thai is recognized for causing dry mouth and eyes. These are somewhat unavoidable, but you can alleviate them by drinking water and applying eye drops.

Because of the small amount of THC, side effects are unlikely. However, it’s impossible to predict how you’ll react if you’ve never used cannabis before. Anyone with a low THC threshold might have negative responses including anxiety and dizziness when using any marijuana strain. When utilizing any cannabis strain, it’s vital to take things slowly. Users who have used the drug previously are unlikely to experience any negative effects, but it is always prudent to be cautious.

Final Thoughts

The popularity of Chocolate Thai has endured the test of time. Despite being more popular in the 1960s and 1970s, Chocolate Thai is making a comeback at dispensaries. It’s fortunate it’s back because this strain is a genuine classic!

With a fantastic indica head high that keeps you motivated, the Chocolate Thai strain provides delicious coffee and chocolate tastes. The unique focus of the Chocolate Thai high will appeal to individuals who have creative tasks to complete.

Chocolate Thai seeds are difficult to come by, which is a pity. Although you won’t be able to cultivate this strain yourself, we recommend obtaining it from a dispensary if you see it. It’s really exciting to try, and you get to experience the joy of stoners from the past.

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