Sweet and Sour Widow has a well-balanced amount of cannabinoids. This is the ideal strain to get creative with and then relax your mind, leaving it clear and calm. It also adds some wonderful tastes to the mix. Buy LA Confidential Indica to relax.

Sweet and Sour Widow transforms the typical script on this norm. Because of its high CBD level, the indica-leaning Sweet and Sour Widow strain provides as well as creativity and motivation while providing relaxing effects. Try LA Confidential Indica to make your day better.

Let’s learn more about this delicious strain and whether it could be the right one for you to try. If you’re searching for mouth-watering, sour tastes with distinctive effects, this strain should be on your list.

What Is the Sweet & Sour Widow Strain?

Sweet and Sour Widow weed is an indica-dominant strain. It’s a cross between several strains, including Mexican Haze, White Widow, and some landrace varieties. Its exact genetics are unknown; different sources cite different parent strains. Because of its name, it’s almost certain that White Widow is involved. Sweet and Sour Widow has a relaxing effect on people since it minimizes mental racing. This is most likely due to the fact that it contains a substantial amount of CBD compared to the average strain.

The first effects begin with an uplifting and euphoric high. Users frequently remark on a boost in creativity and focus as well as an urge to create. Sweet and Sour Widow is ideal for those stressful afternoons when you have a lot of items on your to-do list.

However, if you use this marijuana strain frequently enough, it will cause couchlock. While the start of the high is appealing, the tail-end is draining. You’ll feel happy yet tired, settling into a comfortable position to sleep on whatever soft surface comes to hand. This plant has several lovely tastes as well as many wonderful effects.


You’ll notice some similarities between the Sweet and Sour Widow strain and White Widow if you’ve smelled it before. This offering has a little more fruitiness and a hint of spice, however

The scent of this strain is immediately herbaceous and earthy, much like other cannabis types. When you begin to break the buds apart, though, the deeper aromas such as citrus, grapefruit, and sage come to life.


This strain’s name is quite clear indication. The sour notes shine through more than the sweet, but there is a nice sugary undertone if you pay attention. This strain will cause your mouth to water and you’ll want to try it again. After all, when you breathe in, there are lots of nuances to unpack.

The primary tastes are earthy and herbal, as they have been throughout this review. However, there is a little grapefruit fruit present as well. The sweetness in this strain comes from the citrusy grapefruit notes, which is why it tastes so harsh.

Although some individuals may dislike the sourness of this strain, those who enjoy the tangy, delicious tastes of sour candies are likely to love it.


Sweet and Sour Widow has green nuggets, which is rather unusual. It’s a muted hue with a grey tinge, thanks in part to the trichomes. Sweet and Sour Widow is bedecked in white trichomes that divert attention away from the green buds. It got these flecks of trichomes from its forebear, White Widow, according to DNA testing.

The flower has a medium intensity yellow color to it. A few red pistils are strewn throughout the plant as well. In sum, it’s a pretty typical strain that some plants manage to be quite attractive.

Sweet & Sour Widow Grow Info

In terms of growing, there isn’t much information about the Sweet and Sour Widow variety. It’s a rather uncommon strain, which is why there isn’t much information available.

Sweet and Sour Widow may be a difficult plant to cultivate, according to those who have obtained seeds. Despite the indica dominance, this plant can reach up to 6 feet tall. As a result, it’s not the best choice for indoor cultivation. To keep it under control, growers must use some strategy and planning. It’s necessary to practice crop rotations and trimming on a regular basis.

Sweet and Sour Widow has a modest yield considering its size. It takes seven weeks to mature, which is shorter than some strains. You have to consider if the low yield is worth it, especially if you’re growing for a huge harvest like I am.

The cannabinoid content is what makes Sweet and Sour Widow’s effects so powerful. The average sample of Sweet and Sour Widow contains only 8% THC, which is far lower than most products on the market. Despite the fact that it has a low THC content, there are certain medical symptoms associated with cannabis that it shares. For example, numbness is one of them. It makes Sweet and Sour Widow particularly appealing to novices who want to try out marijuana for the first time.

Sweet and Sour Widow, on the other hand, has a THC:CBD ratio of 1. A balanced cannabinoid content is surprisingly unusual for this strain. The typical sample contains 8% CBD, which precisely matches the amount of CBD in it. As a result, it may provide a serene and consistent high that’s also easy to anticipate.

Medical Benefits of the Sweet & Sour Widow Strain

Sweet and Sour Widow’s wonderfully balanced cannabinoid profile makes it useful for a wide range of maladies. Of course, cannabis affects everyone differently, but Sweet and Sour Widow delivers a consistent high that should be safe even for those who are new to marijuana.

The Sweet and Sour Widow strain’s primary benefit is as a pain reliever. The low THC content is enough to create numbness, which alleviates pain. Chronic pains such as back discomfort are unlikely to be beaten by Sweet and Sour Widow.

The pain-relieving aspects of this strain are its main physical characteristics, as the other medical advantages are mostly concerned with the mind. This is a rare case for an indica-dominant strain, but it’s also fantastic to discover a soothing variety that can make you feel better.

Users report feeling elevated to the point of euphoria when taking Sweet and Sour. Although the low cannabidiol content is likely to keep you grounded, don’t worry about a hazy buzz or strange effects. Sweet and Sour may be beneficial for individuals who suffer from anxiety, stress, or sadness as a result of these mood-boosting properties.

Finally, Sweet and Sour Widow is excellent for assisting you in falling asleep. As an indica-dominant strain that aids sleep, this may be the answer to your prayers. This might be due, in part, to pain alleviation or stress reduction, but it’s a good thing either way.

Possible Side Effects of the Sweet & Sour Widow Strain

Sweet & Sour Widow is a high-CBD strain with minimal THC, making negative effects unlikely. Because of the low THC content, there are very few adverse effects associated with using Sweet & Sour Widow. Dry mouth and dry eyes are two of the most common side effects that everyone experiences when using cannabis. As a result, most people like this type without having to worry about irritating side effects.

Sweet and Sour Widow can cause dizziness and headaches in some people, presumably owing to unknown reasons. People who have never used marijuana before are more likely to experience these unpleasant side effects. It’s also more likely if you smoke too much. If you go low and slow, you should be fine.

Final Thoughts

Sweet and Sour Widow is a decent indica-dominant hybrid. It can provide balanced and soothing effects, as well as return you time and time again due to its low THC concentration and equal amount of CBD. It’s great to discover a strain that relaxes the mind while also relieving pain without producing any mental race.

Sweet and Sour Widow is a potent, flavorful Cannabis strain that has an amazing effect while also delivering some wonderful tastes. If you like classic strains such as White Widow, you’ll like this one. If there’s any on offer the next time you’re at the dispensary, make sure to grab some – you won’t be sorry.

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