harmony reviews

Harmony is a hybrid that synchronizes the very best of its three parent strains, Santa Marta Colombian Gold, Lemon OG Kush, and Lemon Thai. These tall plants produce flowery, lemon-smelling buds distinctly kush-like in structure. Its effects are invigorating and uplifting, but higher doses might push you into a more spacey experience. Indoor growers wait 8 to 9 weeks for Harmony to flower while outdoor cultivators prepare for harvest in the month of October.

About Harmony

harmony reviews

The pride and joy of Reeferman Genetics, Harmony is a perfectly balanced hybrid that captures both its sativa and indica effects and presents them to users in a blissful little package. Bred from a three-way cross between Santa Marta Colombian Gold, Lemon Thai, and Lemon OG Kush, it’s uplifting and balanced.

A great strain for all experience levels, Harmony clocks in right around 14% THC on average. Nugs are very light and airy, and their small pebble shapes are coated with thin orange pistils and orange tinged milky trichomes. Aromas and tastes are vastly different from each other, but are each complex and developed in their own way. Citrus, earth, spice, and a buttery goodness will invade your nose as you break the nugs apart, and a taste of citrus kush will tingle your taste buds.

Despite being a well-balanced hybrid, the sativa effects of Harmony start off your high in full force, bringing users a euphoric and motivated sense of purpose. You’ll have immense amounts of focus and can accomplish even the most trying task on your plate. Happy and creative, you may also get the urge to become active, making this a great strain for outdoor adventures. However, keep in mind that the indica side of your high is still looming, and as it hits your body you’ll feel tingles that often end up completely arousing you.

A great option for all around pain relief, Harmony is a favorite of medical patients. Anti-inflammatory properties work to soothe aching muscles and can make headaches, cramps, and spasms a thing of the past. Equally as effective for your mind, users who are constantly stressed or depressed will finally be able to breathe a sigh of relief after just a few tokes. With her mellow comedown, Harmony brings helpful effects without rendering you useless.

Seeds of this strain are in high demand, and you should consider yourself lucky if you’re able to obtain some. Home cultivators should note that Harmony does well inside or outdoors, but can prove to be a bit temperamental and thus is best handled by experienced growers. After 8 to 9 weeks of flowering time, you’ll be blessed with a decently sized yield.

Hybrid – 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 16%, CBN: 1%

Harmony is an indica dominant hybrid strain created through a three-way cross of the powerful Columbian Gold X Lemon OG Kush X Lemon Thai strains. Although the exact indica to sativa ratio varies based on breeder practices, Harmony has been consistently measured at having a THC level of at least 16% on average. This bud gets its name from its flawless fusion of indica and sativa effects that are surprisingly well balanced despite its indica dominance. The high starts with a euphoric uplifted effect that leaves your mind active and creative although slightly hazy at times. As your body buzz builds you’ll slowly fall into a deep relaxation that echoes throughout your body in soft tingly waves that can prove to be arousing to many. These powerful effects coupled with its THC level of 19% on average make Harmony an ideal bud for treating patients suffering from inflammation, chronic pain, nausea, chronic stress, mild to moderate cases of depression, and nausea. This bud has small round leafy and super airy pebble-shaped olive green nugs with lots of thin fiery orange hairs and a thick frosty coating of slightly orange milky white trichomes. Harmony has an enticing aroma of earthy butter with a hint of citrus and pepper spice, and a flavor of earthy citrus kush that sits pleasantly on the tongue with just a touch of pungency upon exhale.

Besides dry mouth and eyes, Harmony has been known to cause dizziness as an ill side-effect when improperly consumed.

It takes between eight and nine weeks for Harmony to fully flower.

Lab Data


Grow information

Harmony, a balanced hybrid, requires a more experienced cultivator to raise it successfully. The strain grows in both indoor and outdoor settings, reaching maturity in 56 to 63 days indoors and by early October outside. Harmony produces a paltry 12 ounces of bud per plant in ideal conditions but can yield more through the Sea of Green (SOG) method.

Harmony is available as seeds only. Clones may be available directly from cultivators growing this strain.

Information about Harmony:

ORIGINLemon Thai, OG Kush and Santa Marta Colombian Gold
EFFECTSRelaxed – 10
Euphoric – 10
Focused – 9
Creative – 3
Happy – 3
Dizzy – 3
Dry eyes – 2
FRAGRANCEKush, earthy, citrus, lemon
FLAVORSWoody, fruity, citrus, lemon, orange
MEDICALPain – 10
Stress – 10
Cramps – 9
Inflammation – 8
Depression – 2
THC CONTENT %12% to 16%
CBD %0.9% to 1%
INDICA / SATIVA %50%/50%
INDOOR YIELD10 to 14 ounces per square meter
OUTDOOR YIELD14 ounces or more per plant
CLIMATEWarm climate

* 10 is the highest
* 1 is the lowest


harmony reviews

Over the last few decades, the newer strains being released to the market contains an insane amount of THC. For that reason, the range of 12% to 16% of Harmony may seem tame. Never underestimate it, though, for its psychoactive properties are quite intense.

At its onset, it sends a euphoric buzz into the mind and the body of users. Such uplifting sensation quickly alters the mood and makes users feel cheerful. For most people, it results in mental clarity and boosted creativity. However, some people may find it a little bit too intense. Hence, a few may end up with a foggy mind.

The cerebral euphoria of Harmony also comes with another benefit. It makes people feel energized. Hence, these people often feel inspired and motivated to stay active. In other words, if there are things that need to get done, most people should be able to do so.

As the physical effects of Harmony creep into the body, it can also cause a tingling sensation. Some people report feeling highly erotic because of that. At any rate, users soon find themselves in a deep state of relaxation.

Used in moderation, the Sativa and Indica sides of Harmony counterchecks each other. Both prevent the other side from going to extreme levels. It is this well-balanced effect that likely led to RMG picking Harmony as its name.


As soon as users catch the scent of Harmony, experienced users should recognize the Kush smell blending with its earthy odor. This exotic mix is contrasted by a citrusy and lemony note.


Already possessing a delightful odor, the best thing about Harmony is that it carries over to its taste. Upon exhalation, it also has a lingering fruity aftertaste of orange. There is no doubt that anyone using this strain will find it delectable.

Adverse Reaction

Another nice trait of Harmony is how it causes some adverse effects. Dry mouth and eyes are common with the use of marijuana. Harmony, in this regard, is not any different from all other cannabis strains.

One thing that people should watch out for is that it may also cause dizziness. Usually, it is the result of using beyond what is moderate quantity.

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