Mango is an indica marijuana strain made by crossing KC 33 with Afghani. This strain produces euphoric and uplifting effects that are sure to boost your mood. Mango is known to be a creeper strain, meaning that the effects come on slowly. This strain smells and tastes like its namesake, a bright juicy mango. Growers say this Mango comes in large buds that are the size of a softball and takes 9-11 weeks to flower.

About Mango

You can’t even talk about OG marijuana strains without mentioning Mango, a strain that’s been around since the 1960’s. The product we know today was modified back in 1991, as KC33 was crossed with the old-school strain to get this balanced 50/50 hybrid. Winning third place in the indica category during the 2002 High Times’ Cannabis Cup, it was also listed as one of the magazine’s best seeds of 2009.

Mango brings a lot to the table with THC levels that can vary, so depending on what you’re looking for, you have some options. Average content hovers around 20%, although it has been found as low as 15% and as high as 24%. Buds can get huge, with various shades of yellow, purple, and green throughout. It has a nice and sweet mango scent that is accented with earthy herbal notes and tastes incredible. Imagine lemon cream, sour mango, and earth all blending into one amazing flavor!

This strain acts as a bit of a sneaky one, with a slight high that makes you feel calm and joyous. As you continue through your journey, you’ll end up with a growing sense of energy and a happy attitude that allows you to be creative. Many users notice a body high associated with Mango and primarily note feelings of warm tingles. Although a lot of strains can tend to make you a bit hungry, Mango will likely make you ravenous, so stock up on the snacks beforehand!


The positive vibes that come from Mango are what make it such an effective choice for individuals who struggle with stress and depression. Pain management isn’t beyond its reach either, as it can tend to have a numbing effect on the body at times. When smoked in larger doses, Mango can also have a rather sedating effect, making it a good choice for insomniacs.

Growing Mango might catch you a bit off guard at first, as it seems like the plants aren’t doing much of anything. While they start off slow, buds eventually reach the size of softballs and can become very heavy for unsupported branches. Expect a high yield after anywhere from 8 to 11 weeks, and grow inside or outside as Mango does either nicely.

There’s just something about a strain with a deep lineage that makes you wonder who got high off of it decades ago, and Mango is no exception. Great for smokers who love a strong fruity vibe or for those who need a bit of extra calming energy, you’ll want to keep this one around.

 Hybrid – 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 15% – 24%, CBD: 10%, CBN: 1%

Mango is a complete form of indica strain, which is bred by crossing it with KC 33 and partly with Mango. This particular strain may act slowly in the beginning but it will surprise you after a while, with its strong effects over the patient. It is mostly grown outdoors and takes around nine to eleven weeks of flowering time. In terms of its physical attributes, it grows out to be in a large plant which is broadly growing both length wise and height wise. Its colour is shades of yellow and green and it creates an aromatic essence of a sweet mango. Its THC content level is known to around 15 to 24%. It is mostly recommended for patients who may be experiencing chronic pain especially in the backbone and other associated symptoms of sleep deprivation. Due to its sweet context, in terms of taste, aroma and obviously the name, this particular medical marijuana might give sedation associated effects. These strains grow so fast that you might feel them growing in front of your eyes. This is a very eminent strain especially for its flavour and more of a relishing treats for patient’s tickling taste buds.


Mango strain marijuana lives up to its name in the smell stakes with a beautiful fruity aroma that’s a combination of mango, citrus and an earthy scent that fills a room. All it takes is a single whiff of this strain to be lured in.


The tropical flavor combines with a creamy lemon taste on the inhale that makes it seem as if you are enjoying a dessert rather than marijuana. Mango titillates the tongue with sweet and sour notes, and the sour mango taste lingers on the palette, as well as on the inside of the mouth. There is also a hint of an earthy and citrus aftertaste.


Mango has shades of yellow and green; and once it is almost harvest time, you should also see huge buds with shades of red and violet on the leaves.

Mango Strain Grow Info

Once you have Mango strain seeds, patience is key. It is a plant known to be a slow starter, but once it gets going, you will find that it sprouts so quickly you’ll think it is growing in front of your eyes! Eventually, it grows to a decent height (approximately one meter) with extremely dense flower and buds.

In fact, the buds often become as large as a softball so your plants may need a little extra support. If you use the SOG (Sea of Green) method when growing indoors, you could trim the flowering time to 7-9 weeks. Make sure you prune the crop regularly to control the rapid growth spurt. If you elect to grow your weed indoors, it should yield up to nine ounces of bud per square meter planted.

You will enjoy a far greater yield (up to 24 ounces per plant) if you grow Mango marijuana outdoors. Typically, the strain is ready for harvest towards the end of September. If you have an outdoor garden and need the plants to stay at an average height, begin growing indoors and cut the vegetative stage to three weeks before transplanting outdoors. You can move the plants outside as late as July if you live in the Northern hemisphere.

After harvesting Mango cannabis, it is imperative to dry and cure it properly if you want the weed to taste great AND be potent. Ideally, you will hang your plants upside down in a room with a Relative Humidity (RH) of between 55% and 62%. Allow up to a week for the buds to dry and place them in glass mason jars. Initially, open each jar for a few minutes once a day. After a few days, it is okay only to open the jars once every few days. The longer you leave the weed in the jars, the more flavorful Mango weed becomes.

THC Content – Highest Test


The strength of Mango marijuana varies from 15% all the way to 24% THC.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Even if you get an especially potent Mango strain, the edge can be taken off the high by the enormous CBD content which can reach 10%.

Medical Benefits of Mango Marijuana

The high CBD content also ensures that Mango is a much-loved medical marijuana strain. People use it to treat chronic stress syndromes because of its calming effect. Mango weed is said to be a potent analgesic so consider using it to deal with chronic pain and muscle spasms and joint pains.

If you have PTSD or depression, Mango marijuana can also aid you by helping you feel more positive. We recommend taking advantage of its relaxant properties by using it in the evening. If you suffer from insomnia, use this weed an hour before bed to see if it helps you get much-needed sleep.

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