The name “Ogre” comes from the strain of cannabis, which has huge buds and a forest green color. This colossus of a bud is powerful, and it has the ability to cause a psychedelic-like high. It can also make you feel tired and hungry, so it might be beneficial for sleep and eating. Ogre has an earthy, skunky, and citrusy taste profile. Buy Time Wreck Indica to relax.

In folklore, ogres are typically depicted as terrifying, enormous, and repulsive creatures that devour people and have a distinctive preference for babies. However, in the modern era, cartoonists have used ogre stories as excellent public relations. Shrek is an example of a heroic and helpful ogre who is more likely to make friends with a human than eat them in the film Shrek. Try Time Wreck Indica to make your day better.

Marijuana breeders appear to be attempting to repair the reputation of these ferocious animals by giving them a strong strain name. The Ogre hybrid is a potent combination that reveals its aggressive side if you overdo it.

What Is the Ogre Strain?

The origin of Ogre weed is the subject of much debate. According to several stories, it’s a variant of Sensi Star and was produced by Paradise Seeds.

However, since most Ogre plants are sativa-dominant, and Sensi Star is indica-dominant, it’s unlikely. There are several different cuts to pick from, such as a cross of Master Kush and Bubba Kush or the strain that is a mix of Hindu Kush, Amnesia Haze, and Durban Skunk.


The Ogre marijuana strain is not well-known for its lovely aroma. It’s been called smelling like the armpits of an actual ogre! Despite the pungent odor, skunky undertones are slightly offset by nutty citrus notes.


Fortunately, Ogre cigarettes are not as bad in reality as they appear. Although you get earthy notes and a skunky flavor, there are also citrus and wood tastes that make it pleasant to smoke.


One of the reasons for its moniker is due to the large buds. It lacks many pistils, but the blanket of resin glands is fascinating to those looking for a severe high. It’s a thick and robust variety with cone-shaped buds that are beautifully contrasted by the forest green hue.

Ogre Strain Grow Info

When you are purchasing Ogre strain seeds, keep in mind that it’s a versatile kind that may be grown both indoors and out. It is an excellent choice for the inexperienced grower since it is robust enough to withstand a few little mistakes. It’s also resistant to spider mites, which is great news for novices.

Make careful to keep the crop in a warm place but well shaded if you grow Ogre outside. It performs well in soil, and 3-5 gallons of dirt in raised beds are suggested. If you don’t live in a suitable climate, it’s preferable to cultivate Ogre indoors since it is susceptible to climatic changes. By early October, Ogre grown outdoors should be ready for harvest, yielding 14 ounces per plant.

It’s not recommended for the inexperienced since it might be difficult to cultivate outside. Indoor cultivation is more advantageous because you can control the conditions.

It thrives on SOG or SCROG training methods. Its blooming period is 7-8 weeks, and it generates up to 14 ounces per square meter when cultivated.

Because this strain has a wide range of traits, your crop development may be quite different from that of someone else. For instance, you might develop an indica plant with a short and dense structure. Indica cuts are preferred by growers because they respond better to nutrients and are less picky. Sativa cuts, on the other hand, tend to stretch halfway through bloom time and yield is generally lower.

THC & CBD Content

  • THC content is low to high, ranging from 18% to 26%.
  • With a CBD content of only 0.2 percent, Ogre’s THC to CBD ratio can be as high as 130:1.

What Can I Expect When I Use Ogre Weed?

It is a strong strain that hits the body and mind almost simultaneously after use. It’s possible that the cerebral high is psychedelic in nature, so don’t use it excessively. It’s also conceivable that your thoughts become hazy and you have trouble focusing. Use Ogre cautiously before or during work to avoid having the effects get out of hand.

Users frequently report a swelling sensation in their head and a feeling of joy that lifts their spirits. Your body will soon relax after the initial head high, and you may feel like falling asleep. It’s also a strain that can make you feel ravenous as an ogre.

Medical Benefits of Ogre Marijuana

Ogre is a wonderful mood enhancer and may be used by individuals suffering from anxiety, depression, or chronic stress. It’s also strong enough to function as an efficient painkiller; excellent news if you have severe discomfort from a medical condition like fibromyalgia. It doesn’t take much Ogre to make you drowsy, which makes it an ideal choice for persons who suffer from insomnia.

Possible Side Effects of Ogre Weed

The Ogre strain is difficult to handle and isn’t advised for novices. Aside from standard symptoms such as dry mouth, Ogre is occasionally linked with increased anxiety and paranoia. If you aren’t careful with your intake, you might also get dizziness or a headache.

Final Thoughts

In terms of scent, the Ogre isn’t the belle of the ball, however it has a distinct, some would say pleasant, flavor that lets you know you’re using powerful cannabis. It’s best to use it at home near bedtime since the effects hit you so fast and have an impact on your head and body. Otherwise, there is a risk of succumbing to couch lock or sleep while ignoring your responsibilities.

Ogre is a difficult marijuana strain to grow, owing to its many shapes. The indica cut is the best choice because it is somewhat easier to cultivate and gives a higher average yield.

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