The Purple Punch Hybrid strain is a wonderful addition to any cannabis collection. With notes of fruit punch, skittles, and grape, your taste buds will be in heaven in no time. Also, this strain provides an energizing and euphoric high that will perk you up if you’ve been down in the dumps or overworked.

At times, we come across a cannabis strain that is so well-balanced and delicious that we find it hard to believe such a marvel exists. Today, we’re taking a look at Purple Punch Hybrid, which has tremendous medicinal advantages while yet being a very potent heady flower. Purple Punch Hybrid is an excellent strain for both euphoria and relaxation, as well as balance and stimulation.

If you missed out on the Purple Punch Hybrid craze last year, now is your chance to get your hands on this uncommon variety; trust us, it’s well worth seeking! Continue reading our full 2021 review to learn more about why Purple Punch Hybrid is so special.

What Is the Purple Punch Hybrid Strain?

Purple Punch Hybrid is a sativa-dominant hybrid developed by Supernova Gardens that has an 80:20 indica to sativa ratio and is therefore the indica-dominant hybrid. Despite its strong indica lean, this plant offers a useful degree of focus and functionality, allowing it to be used in a wide range of activities and circumstances.

Having been bred from the one and only Granddaddy Purple and crossed with Larry OG, fans of either of these big-name buds will be over the moon with the by-product of smart breeding.

Purple Punch Hybrid offers much of the body melting physical effects associated with Larry OG, with all of the flavors of GDP to make one hell of a bud!

During 2018, the world couldn’t get enough of Purple Punch Hybrid as it shot to fame, making itself a household name for many patients and cannabis enthusiasts alike. Thanks to its balanced effects, Purple Punch Hybrid can be enjoyed by a wealth of people, particularly as an after-dinner treat.

This dessert strain is a true purp offering complex flavors with an overwhelmingly sweet theme, a vibrant hue of purple, and a perfectly dank smell that will keep you coming back for more.

Purple Punch Hybrid Strain: Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance

Purple Punch Hybrid Aroma

Purple Punch Hybrid comes with a distinct smell that is pretty unmistakable; blasting out rich notes of sweet grape, there is no denying that this fragrant flower is a descendant of Granddaddy Purple. If you aren’t a fan of sweet buds, this one is undoubtedly going to be too much for you, as it brings to the floor a complex mixture of sweet and sugary notes with a punch of candied berries and spicy pineapple.

Upon breaking this bud up, you are instantly hit with earthy, blueberry notes that are mouth-wateringly appetizing: The perfect option for those who aren’t too keen on super heavy skunky buds and prefer a dessert tasting flower.

Purple Punch Hybrid Flavor

Much like the aroma, Purple Punch Hybrid tastes deliciously sweet, with those berry and grape notes being the first to hit upon inhale, before slowly transforming into a dank and rich smoke which is almost tart and citrus in nature. On exhale, the smooth is both incredibly smooth and ultra-sweet, reminiscent of sour skittles and sugared berries.

Purple Punch Hybrid Appearance

This colorful flower is a beauty to behold, offering GDP purple hues and a vibrant green that boasts large, tightly packed furry nugs and a generous coating of frosty trichomes for a truly beautiful growth.

Despite its title, Purple Punch Hybrid offers a range of shades from purple to green, yellows, and even orange pistils which balance the flower out perfectly. Thanks to its fantastic array of anthocyanins, Purple Punch Hybrid is undoubtedly a beautiful bud to cultivate.

Purple Punch Hybrid Strain Grow Info

Widely considered to be a problematic strain to get hold of, those who do get the opportunity to cultivate Purple Punch Hybrid for themselves should do so with care. Of medium difficulty, the need for some experience with this bud is likely as there are specific skills required to avoid mold and weak growth.

Purple Punch Hybrid thrives in a sunny, humid climate, and so those growing this bud indoors will be required to provide high powered lights and a powerful heating system. Growers opting for outdoor cultivation will need a Mediterranean climate to get the best out of this bud, with harvest time being around mid-late October.

This beauty of a bud has a pretty hearty resilience to mites thanks to its tough parentage, but growers should look out for things such as caterpillars which can bring about mold.

Additionally, the need for regular topping to avoid the larger leaves from blocking light and air is crucial for a healthy and robust yield.

Purple Punch Hybrid offers a moderate to high yield when appropriately grown, and those looking to bring out those purple hues will want to expose the plant to cooler temperatures around the flowering stage. She flowers in 7-8 weeks, so growers won’t have to wait for too long to reap the benefits of their labor!

Boasting a moderately generous potency, Purple Punch Hybrid’s THC levels are generally in the mid-twenties, with the highest tests coming out as 25%.

In terms of the medicinal benefits of Purple Punch Hybrid, the bud has proven to be beneficial for a range of conditions, with tests showing it to offer around 1% CBD.

Medical Benefits of the Purple Punch Hybrid Strain

When it comes to Purple Punch Hybrid, the effects are the perfect combination between relaxing and functional, making it perfect for those looking for a tremendous high or medicinal relief. Despite its indica roots, Purple Punch Hybrid is not considered to be a couch-locking strain when taken in the correct dosage. Instead, the bud offers a mild sedative effect that is mostly considered to be relaxing and thoughtful, with a euphoric and focussed undercurrent.

Those patients suffering from anxiety, depression, stress or insomnia will benefit from the physical and mental melt that comes with this flower. Starting in the head, the high of Purple Punch Hybrid creeps around the body into the core and then into your arms and legs as you feel tension and stress ease almost instantly.

It is thanks to this bud’s ability to swiftly eradicate stress and pain that it has served itself as a fantastic pain medication for many, with those struggling with muscle tension and chronic pain reaching for the functional high that this bud offers.

With a super potent high that takes hold quickly and lasts for hours, patients going through cancer treatment have found it a beneficial relief that can not only ease stress and worry but also helps with pain, nausea and appetite loss. Yes, that’s right – Purple Punch Hybrid will be sure to bring on some insatiable munchies, so be prepared with snacks at all times!

Thanks to its mostly indica background, Purple Punch Hybrid doesn’t tend to cause mind-race and has been used to ease these types of thoughts, making it perfect for use after a busy and hard day at the office.

Purple Punch Hybrid will not hamper your ability to get things done if taken correctly and can boost attention, mood, and ability to get through a task. Considered especially helpful if you are in the creative field, this bud is a writer’s best friend!

For a good hit of well-being, overall blissfulness and a heady and potent relief for anxiety, this is a dreamy strain to try!

Possible Side Effects of the Purple Punch Hybrid Strain

Like many cannabis strains, Purple Punch Hybrid can induce heavy drowsiness and even couch-lock if taken in too high a dose. Whether you are a novice smoker or a veteran, we always suggest easing yourself in with any bud, to avoid any unwanted effects.

Other users have reported Purple Punch Hybrid to invoke slight panic if an overdose is taken, so again, remember to enjoy the bud in moderation in a comfortable and safe setting. Users should expect dry eyes and mouth in some cases.

Final Thoughts

It has been sometime since we last reviewed a strain quite as balanced as this one! From the delightfully sweet taste to the potent effects that are perfect for both mind and body, Purple Punch Hybrid has so much to offer; it is impossible not to love!

We would love to know if you have tried this bud for yourself, or if not, WHY NOT?! Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below.

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