The Red Dwarf strain is indica-dominant and has a low CBD content, although it has a high THC concentration of 15 percent. It’s ideal for people searching for a mild high without the harshness. An intense fragrance reminiscent of fruit and pine emanates from this strain. For a fast energy boost that doesn’t leave them sedentary, users may consume this strain in the afternoon. Buy Pink Bubba Indica to relax.

Red dwarfs, which make up two-thirds of the 30 closest stars to Earth, are the most numerous stars in the galaxy but cannot be seen with the naked eye. Proxima Centauri, the closest star to us after the sun, is a red dwarf. The word “red” refers to many types of stars, particularly extremely cold objects like brown dwarfs and true stars like K and M dwarfs. Try Pink Bubba Indica to make your day better.

The dimmest of all the stars are also the longest-lasting, owing to their low luminescence. The name “Red Dwarf” is well deserved, as its height does not last nearly as long as others. However, it has a soothing body high with the potential for couchlock.

White Dwarf and a strong Skunk are the parents of White Dwarf strain weed. This was followed by a crossing of an unnamed ruderalis variety. It’s an auto-flowering strain created by Buddha Seeds, but it also comes in feminized seed form. Because of ruderalis lineage, this indica-dominant hybrid isn’t as powerful as most on the market. Nonetheless, it has a nice high and could be okay for beginners.

Because it isn’t the most powerful marijuana strain, you might be disappointed by its apparent lack of effects when you first use it. You must remember that the Red Dwarf high is subtle and slow-acting, although you will know when it becomes effective. You could feel a cerebral high with red cheeks or a throbbing sensation in the temples.

When you’re feeling sluggish after a long day at work, nothing beats Red Dwarf for getting your creative juices flowing. It also has an excellent social high because when the high kicks in, you’ll feel chatty and pleasant. As the high wears on, the indica effects become more apparent as your body grows heavier.

Soon enough, your limbs will feel like lead weights, and keeping your eyes open may become difficult. There’s a good chance you’ll fall asleep on the sofa. It’s preferable if you don’t attempt to fight off your drowsiness. Red Dwarf is excellent for late afternoon or early evening viewing. Make certain that your social gathering winds down within a few hours, or you risk offending everyone by falling asleep in their presence!


The Red Dwarf marijuana strain contains a strong, lemony fragrance that has sweet and sour undertones and notes of lemongrass and citrus. Its potent odor fills a space after it has been cured.

When you grind or break the flowers, you’ll get the same Skunk scent. When lighting up Red Dwarf, keep in mind that the room should be well-ventilated since the odor lasts for a long time after.


If you’re interested in trying out cannabis for the first time, be forewarned that this strain is extremely potent. The scent should prepare you for a strong sweet, sour, and spicy flavor. When you burn the buds, you’ll get a thick smoke that might irritate the sinuses of people who aren’t used to smoking marijuana. The skunky smoke has a taste to it and combines pine with fruit on exhale.


As an autoflowering strain, Red Dwarf is compact and small. Its typical height at maturity is 40-60cm, true to its name. You may cultivate it in a range of situations thanks to the combination of robust buds and compact structure.

The tiny flowers are surrounded by tightly-coiled leaves that are heavy with rust-colored pistils, and the sharp buds are loaded with trichomes. Another indication that Red Dwarf isn’t the most powerful strain available is the modest sprinkling of trichomes.

Red Dwarf Strain Grow Info

Red Dwarf seeds are easy to get on the internet since Buddha Seeds and other third-party sellers sell it. It has a ruderalis ancestry, which means it’s a hardy plant that may be grown both inside and outside! As a result, you can cultivate it indoors or outdoors. You can produce Red Dwarf from seed to harvest in as little as 60 days if you buy the Buddha Seeds version!

16 ounces per square meter planted indoors is a highly productive autoflowering strain. It has a lower yield outdoors, where it usually produces around 3 ounces per plant. It gives off an obnoxious odor that is difficult to hide, regardless of where you grow it.

A higher humidity (70-90%) and a daytime temperature range of 70- to 80°F are optimal for Dwarf Red Dwarf. The plant has sideways growing branches. This implies that you must top it by removing large fan leaves that block the light.

If you’re a seasoned user and want an extremely powerful high, Red Dwarf may not be the best choice. THC levels range from 7% to 15%, which is modest. This implies it may be a good entry-level strain. Red Dwarf has little CBD; in most cases, expect less than 0.1 percent.

Medical Benefits of the Red Dwarf Strain

Because it provides cerebral and physical activity as well as calmness, it is a well-balanced strain in many ways. Red Dwarf is frequently used by people with ADD/ADHD to help them concentrate on a single goal.

It may also improve a person’s mood, which makes it useful for those suffering from anxiety, stress, or sadness.

When you feel the mental high, your body becomes highly relaxed. The hypnotic effects of Red Dwarf might aid in the treatment of muscular spasms, chronic pain, nausea, cramps, and headaches.

Take it in the late afternoon if you want to get a good night’s sleep. This strain can assist you relax and ensure that you don’t spend the rest of your night sleepless tossing and turning.

Possible Side Effects of the Red Dwarf Strain

Dry eyes and a dry mouth are some of the most common symptoms of Red Dwarf. Because it has a relatively low amount of THC compared to other strains, it is less likely to cause anxiety or paranoia.

Final Thoughts

If you’re searching for an easy-to-grow strain with a smooth high, Red Dwarf marijuana should be at the top of your list. It’s a great choice for novices and growers.

The lofty THC levels are not a cause for concern. Because of its autoflowering features, no prior growing knowledge is required to get a decent yield.

When cultivated indoors, it has a substantial yield for an autoflowering strain. You may try to cultivate many crops in a year because it blooms so quickly.

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