The scent of Dark Star is similar to that of dark fruits such as grapes, blackberry, and raspberry. Darkstar cannabis strain has a deep relaxation and sedation effect on users, with a THC content of just 16 percent. It even has trichomes that remind one of stars, which are covered in their bright and exuberant crystals. Dark Star is ideal for nighttime use.

A dark star is a theoretical object of enormous mass with a surface escape velocity that is at least equal to the speed of light, according to Newtonian mechanics. In other words, any light shone from the surface of a dark star will be trapped by its gravity and rendered invisible to an astronomer.

In literature, a dark star is someone who appears to be happy but is actually miserable. Fortunately, the Dark Star strain does not attempt to hide anything. It’s a dank variety that comes from two well-known parents and is said to have a number of health advantages.

Dark Star Strain Info

Dark Star strain cannabis is a mix of Mazar-I-Sharif and Purple Kush, with the former taking home second place in the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1999 for Best Indica. It was created by T.H. Seeds, who grew it indoors and most likely named it after a Grateful Dead tune.


The scent of the Dark Star marijuana variety is earthy with undertones of pine. You may also detect blackberries as the plant matures.


Although most people like the scent of Dark Star, it is perhaps best known for its flavor. Although there is an earthy taste to it, you also get notes of grape and berry for a pleasant overall smoking experience.


The buds are very sticky and juicy, with dense round nugs densely coated in gleaming trichomes. It’s clear that Dark Star is a resinous plant. Even in a bag, it has an attractive form that draws the eye, and we recommend staring in amazement at the lovely plants as they bloom. You may also notice dark purple within and outside of the buds if you look closely.

Dark Star Strain Grow Info

You may grow Dark Star marijuana seeds either inside or outside, but the indoors environment is preferable. If you want to cultivate this strain outdoors, it must have a warm and sunny climate. Add high-intensity lighting and provide it at least 18 hours of light each day if you want to enhance its vegetative growth while growing it outdoors.

If you wish to provide your plants with all the nutrients they require, then feed them twice a week. Once again, this is not only difficult on the wallet but also time-consuming and laborious. The benefit of growing inside rather than outdoors is that it’s significantly easier to manage and far cheaper than planting outside. When you let your plants grow at warp speed,

You may cultivate this plant both inside and outside if you choose. Soil or an inert medium may be used as part of a hydroponics system for this strain. This plant has a fat and bushy appearance, so it requires frequent watering. Keep the humidity level correct and invest in good air conditioning to avoid mold growth.

If you grow Dark Star indoors, it will bloom in around ten weeks. You’ll get a yield of 14 to 18 ounces per square meter planted.

THC levels in Dark Star cannabis range from 13 to 19 percent, with some phenotypes testing at 22. Dark Star has a high CBD content as well. Up to 1.8 percent of certain cuts are present. While this may not be enough for epileptic patients, it does ensure that this strain offers significant therapeutic value.

Dark Star Effects

The THC levels in most Dark Star strains are in the teens. This may seem strange, but it means that if you’re a seasoned user, this strain isn’t particularly potent by modern standards. Novices will soon suffer if they overindulge.

Dark Star is a powerful indica that may cause couch lock. It isn’t the same as other sedative strains, though. Dark Star has the ability to give you a high that makes you space out. If all you want to do is chill out and unwind, this strain is ideal.

Medical Benefits of Dark Star Marijuana

Dark Star is a popular strain for medicinal marijuana users since it has a high CBD content. Dark Star is one of the most common strains used to relieve stress. In 2014, the American Institute of Stress recommended that 77 percent of Americans were experiencing psychological symptoms as a result of stress on average. The same organization stated in 2017 that 63% of Americans were worried about the country’s future.

That’s why, in the words of one reviewer, “Dark Star could be really useful.” It may also help individuals suffering from anxiety, PTSD, and depression.

Dark Star has gained a reputation for being an effective pain reliever. As a result, if you have chronic aches or muscular spasms, this powerful indica strain’s physical body may be right up your alley. Dark Star might also assist insomniacs in falling asleep. Not only does it aid in the process of falling asleep; it also does not give you with a strong psychedelic high that might interfere with your pleasant dreams.

Possible Side Effects of Dark Star Weed

The primary negative effects are dry mouth and eyes, which are common with many marijuana strains. When you take too much Dark Star, you have the potential for dizziness, mild headaches, and an increase in anxiety. Otherwise, save this strain for the evening or night since it will quickly cause you to remain on your sofa or bed without any desire to get up soon.

Overall, Dark Star marijuana doesn’t have an enticing fragrance that makes your mouth water, but you should appreciate the tastes on the inhale and exhale. It’s powerful enough to merit awe, yet experienced users shouldn’t have any issues. Because it is mostly indica, Dark Star is a great nighttime strain because the body high it produces helps you relax and unwind.

The difficulty of growing Dark Star is not for the faint-hearted. It requires a certain amount of competence to cultivate, so if you’re a seasoned grower, you’ll get a big yield.

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